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School Girl type wank socks & sexy pics

added 12 days, 48 minutes, 22 seconds in ,
Kitty Comely Hi Sexy, Got a foot fetish? School girl style worn socks for you to wank in! 24 hour wear. And 5 progress sexy pics of me for you to wank over..... They are waiting for you. If you'd like any extra

my used lacey slipper socks

added 2 days, 23 hours, 6 minutes, 19 seconds in
Snap Happy Girl I found these on saturday & thought that you would love them as they were so pritty . See i think of you even when im out & about :). These will be worne for a week in the house. out i my cou

Sweaty socks

added 4 days, 07 hours, 14 minutes, in
Wynnona91 Your request is my desire.

Black Lacy ankle socks

added 4 days, 07 hours, 14 minutes, 56 seconds in
Worn with my trainers all day my black lacy ankle socks now a sweaty and whiffy; I’m going to have to peel these bad boys off me!

Over the knee fun socks

added 4 days, 07 hours, 15 minutes, 8 seconds in
I love these socks especially in my boots they keep my legs nice and warm and my feet cosy