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Barely black work tights

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Barely black work tights or hold ups worn for 24 hours... or longer upon request. I wear a new pair of tights or hold ups everyday for work. Can be worn with or without panties and can be worn for

Used Dirty tights

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lou Dirty tights available, worn all day to work after the gym, on nights out and lounging around the house. Worn with and without underwear so they smell great ;) X

used dirty tights with a great scent

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lou Used tights worn to and from work, and out clubbing with the girls. Size: M Colour: Black tights are usually worn up to 72 hours so are well scented ;)

Cum stained black tights.. You can see from my picture.. Smell fantastic and seductive

added 4 days, 09 hours, 11 minutes, 5 seconds in
scarlet-red I have literally just made myself cum in these black tights.. It made me so wet and so horny, you can see my cum on them.. You can see my sweet, sweet clit rubbing against the crotch on the tights..