10 things you need to know about the stocking fetish

used stockings fetish

Did you know that the stocking fetish is one of the most popular all around the world? Thousands of men love the sexiness of sheer tights or cuban heel stockings worn with a garter. Here are 10 things you need to know about this erotic fantasy: 

1. It has ancient origins

People have been loving a woman’s delicate, beautiful feet since forever. In the 1700s, the libertine author Nicolas-Edme Rétif was so in love with female feet, that he celebrated them in many books such as Le Pied de Franchette, Monsieur Nicolas and Anti-Justine.    

The stocking fetish was born almost as soon as nylon stockings were introduced on the market, in 1935. Back then, stockings were very expensive and not all women could afford them, so they became a symbol of luxury and sensuality. 

In the ‘50s, the photographer Elmer Batters created artful photos of women in sheer nylon stockings, with a focus on the beauty of their legs and feet. He even founded a magazine dedicated to fetishists, Black Silk Stockings. 

In the ‘60s, pantyhoses became more popular due to the rise of miniskirts, and they soon became another popular fetish. 

2. Men have a thing for the tights of flight attendants and schoolgirls

Looks like flight attendants’ used stockings are among the most popular online. After all, men have always had sexual fantasies about sexy cabin crew and their sexcapades with travellers. Another popular choice are the tights of schoolgirls, often sold by used panty shops in Japan along with other used lingerie items. 

Luckily, you don’t have to be a flight attendant or schoolgirl in real life to have success selling your tights and stockings. In most sex shops, you can find plenty of sexy cabin crew and student uniforms that you can use in photo sets and videos to exchange with your buyers. Sometimes, guys just want to indulge in a particular fantasy, and don’t care if you truly work for an airline company or not. Remember to wear heels together with your uniform, you’ll drive them crazy!

3. Cuban-heel stockings are a particularly appreciated style

Cuban heel stockings, with a small triangle on the heel and a sensual vertical stripe on the back of the leg, are almost synonyms with seduction and elegance. In the ‘50s, pin-up girls wore them and titillated the fantasies of thousands of men.

Unfortunately, these attractive stockings can be pricey. We don’t recommend buying large quantities of them before being contacted by an interested buyer. Instead, ask the buyer first if he could be interested in this garment. Some sellers also charge more when the stockings are particularly costly because of their excellent quality.

Bonus points if you can find vintage cuban heel stockings, maybe in the closet of your grandmother or in a well-stocked thrift store. There is definitely a market for these items in the fetish community!

4. Burlesque dancers attract the attention of fetishists by slowly removing their stockings

Burlesque is almost synonym with red lips, corsets and, you guessed it, sexy stockings. Famous performers like Dita Von Teese learn sophisticated techniques to wow their audience by removing their stockings in an unusual and often acrobatic way. Of course, fetishists particularly enjoy the moment when the performer throws the removed stocking at the audience, secretly dreaming of being able to grab it and bring it home. 

You don’t have to do anything acrobatic to recreate Burlesque dancers’ sexy stocking tricks in the videos you sell along with used lingerie. Just practice removing your stockings very slowly, with each one of your thumbs tucked into the stocking itself. Remember to look straight at the camera, just like a dancer would seductively gaze at her audience while performing her striptease.

5. Something like a stocking job actually exists

No, not an actual job. We’re referring to a sexual act, just like a blowjob, but performed with your feet rather than your mouth. Does it make sense?

Many men actually prefer this sensual act rather than a blowjob, because the silky feel of nylon stockings against the most erogenous zone of the male body feels amazing. Giving and receiving a “stocking job” is something so intimate, that every couple should try it at least once in their life, even if they don’t consider themselves fetishists. 

You can actually use the sensuality of this sexual act in the videos you sell on Kinkie. If you don’t have a partner on hand to perform the “stocking job” with, don’t worry! Just hint at it by rubbing a dildo with your feet covered in silky stockings. You’ll drive your fans crazy!

6. Some fetishists prefer sports socks

There are many types of femininity, and therefore there are many different clothing styles. Many girls don’t like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and that’s perfectly fine! If this is the case for you, be aware that your personal preference doesn’t reduce your chances of selling your used items. 

Many men are really into girls’ used socks. They can ask you to wear your favourite pair of socks while you exercise, so they’ll be soaked with your sweat. A woman’s sweat contains pheromones, a type of chemicals that you can’t see with the naked eye, but that are capable of regulating sexual attraction and mating behaviour in animals. 

7. Men who love girls’ used stockings come from all walks of life

used pantyhouse fetish stockings

Let’s debunk a myth: men who buy used stockings (as well as other lingerie items) are not old perverts. Our sellers on Kinkie get contacted by buyers of all ages, from college students on a budget to successful businessmen in their 40 and yes, even retired men who haven’t given up yet on living out their sexual fantasies. 

Most stocking fetish have a perfectly normal life offline, with families and successful jobs. This is the reason why they value privacy and anonymity so much: they’re often respected professionals, who would, unfortunately lose their excellent reputation if certain closed-minded people knew about their favourite pastime.

Some buyers have a partner who doesn’t know anything about their stocking fetish, often because of sexual inhibitions. However, many others love to share this sexual fantasy with their girlfriend or wife, and often have their loved one wear the used items they got from an anonymous seller online (after washing them, of course!).

While the effects of pheromones in humans are still debated, it’s very likely that they play a role in sexual arousal. That’s probably why men consider female sweat, and therefore a girl’s dirty socks, very sexy!

8. Some mainstream marketplaces banned the sale of used stockings

It’s no wonders that the online industry of used lingerie is huge, and it only keeps growing. So, you’ll not be surprised to learn that many women actually tried to sell their used stockings on popular online marketplaces, right next to the latest fashion pieces, make-up and beauty items. 

Many of these big sites, however, took action to ban the sale of these items and discourage potential sellers. Some marketplaces, like eBay, explicitly prohibit the sale of unwashed lingerie in their policies. That wouldn’t discourage some people to try to sell their sexy stuff anyway, but we think that it’s simply not worth the risk. There are safe places like Kinkie where you can stay anonymous and succeed in your naughty business.

9. The stocking fetish is often related to BDSM

For some men, kissing and adoring a woman’s feet indicates a certain level of submission. For this reason, the stocking fetish is particularly common in the BDSM community. The Mistress often has her male slave “cleaning” her feet with the tongue while wearing stockings. It may sound weird, but it’s actually a very erotic act. 

Other men like women with stockings and heels to trip over them. And what about latex and PVC stockings? These items are incredibly popular among the BDSM community, and for a good reason: they feel amazing against the skin! 

As a seller of used stockings fetish, this information may be useful for you when setting up paid sexting sessions for your clients. If the buyer is into BDSM, he’ll certainly love these sexual fantasies!

10. Selling your used stockings is easy!

If you don’t already sell your stockings, but you’re curious about the world of fetishists and you would you like to join this sex-positive community and make some money in the process, Kinkie is the website for you!

We can connect you with a large pool of users who are interested in purchasing not only your stocking, tights or sports socks, but many other items like sexy videos, nudes, used sex toys, used panties and so on.

Selling used stockings on Kinkie is anonymous and safe. You don’t have to share photos of your face or any personal information you’re not comfortable with putting on the Internet. In addition, you can work at your own pace, with no fixed hours. You can create a selling schedule around your vanilla job, family obligations or any other thing. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! We’re always at your disposal for help on how to set up your account. Sign up for an account and start selling now. 

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