5 Tips on How to Become a Successful Seller of Used Underwear

Seller of Used Underwear

You’re a hustler who knows how to make moves. In your mind, if it has a price tag, it has a market – and if it has a market, it can be sold. You’re confident that you can flip anything into a stack of cash in your pockets, and you aren’t afraid to try to turn a profit off of something new. That’s why you’ve made your latest move in the business of selling underwear?

Talking about trying to sell used underwear sounds absolutely insane. After all, your undies are designed to be worn on the more, ahem, notorious regions of the body. Even the thought of paying someone to wear underwear they’ve already used make you frown. Who would even buy used underwear, anyway?

The answer: more people than you might think. There are droves of people looking to pay top dollar for your hand downs, it’s about time you joined in on the business and made some sweet cash for yourself. Read on to learn tips and tricks on how you can be successful in the business of sell used underwear online!

1. Create a Convincing Alias

One of the first thing that you absolutely must do is to create your own alias. In the business of selling used underwear, you will see and do a lot of things that would cause nothing short of brow-raising from the general public. The last thing that you need is for your friends, family, coworkers, or your children to find out that you’ve been flipping your undies for profit.

More to the point, it will also make your profile look more convincing to your potential buyers. Your loyal customers are going to want to know that they aren’t buying from a cardboard cutout, but a real customer wearing actual delicates they want to buy. Be authentic in your approach (just make sure you don’t give any real-life info away in the process).

2. Give Them the Real Deal

When you first get into this business, you may be tempted to give your customers a set of underwear dotted with the scent of tuna water to mimic the scent of your real undies. This is a sure way to kick yourself out of the business.

In most cases, the people you’re selling to won’t be fooled by fake smells; they’ve been in the art of buying used delicates for a long time, and they’ll be able to spot an unauthentic buy in a second. If you’re going to be a part of this business, you’re going to have to go all in and give your customers what they really want!

3. You Can Earn From Home

If it’s one thing this year has given us, it’s a lot of time indoors. Instead of sitting around waiting for your favorite television show to come on, you could be starting your own business while working from home.

Selling your underwear doesn’t involve having to hop in your vehicle to meet someone in an ally and making a shady deal. You can market your wares online and gather a list of interested buyers that would love to have a pair of your undies for their own. When someone makes a purchase, your items are shipped to them promptly and you make a profit. It really is that simple.

4. Create a Certain Niche

It’s one thing to sell a set of underwear online; it’s quite another to market them to a specific audience.

Getting into a niche is a sure way to gain an increase in profits. After all, such things as specialising in a certain sector will draw in a specific crowd that’s willing to pay top dollar for your used delicates.

Maybe you want to market to an audience that loves the scent of underwear worn during a hard workout. Perhaps you go for customers who want the panties you’ve masturbated in. They may even want to have underwear that you kept from when you were 18. No matter the niche, you can be sure you’ll make a good turn in profit as long as you keep making good on your offers.

5. Just Have Some Fun

The last (and probably the best) part of selling underwear online is that you get to have loads of fun doing it. After all, it’s not every day you get to sell your used undies online; just the thought of being able to do something like this is a pretty big thrill in and of itself. Who knows, as you get better at the trades and become a more popular online presence, you could eventually grow into a best seller with enough clients to turn your side hustle into your day job.

The possibilities really are endless, and you’d do well to join in on the fun. Find out where selling your used underwear could take you!

Now You Can Get Started Selling Used Underwear

Trying to sell used underwear just went from something of a joke to something that could bring in some serious cash. Now that you know how to go about making a successful business out of selling used underwear online.

You’re going to want to find the right place where you can start turning a profit from unneeded undies. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place!

At Kinkie, what we do is in the name. We’re an online space for people like you to sell your naughtier items.

Whether it’s used underwear, lingerie sets, stockings, tights, sex toys, spicy pictures & videos, or even a bottle of love juice, anything goes on our site.

Make sure to look around to learn more about what we do, or make a subscription so you can get started building your kinky business. We’re sure you’re going to love it here!

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