6 Tips to Sext Like a Pro

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Making money by selling naughty sexting sessions on Kinkie can be appealing. Who wouldn’t want to earn money while having fun?

Luckily, it’s easier than you think. This guide will teach you how to protect your privacy and what to do in case one of your sexy selfies gets leaked on the Internet, but also how to have fun sexting with guys. Keep reading!

1. Mind your privacy and safety when sending nudes

No matter how much the buyer has paid for your sexting session, you still need to protect your privacy as much as possible while only doing what you’re comfortable with. 

Many sellers avoid showing their face in the nude photos and videos they share with sellers — as well as with partners in real life. Same for birthmarks, tattoos and anything else that could make you easily recognizable. This is probably your best bet to maintain your privacy: even if the photo ends up in the hands of a hacker or a reckless friend who wants to post them all over the internet, you won’t be identifiable. 

If you really want to show your face, you can use a simple trick to avoid your photo to show up on the buyer’s lock screen or notification bar (which also prevents embarrassing situations for him). Write NSFW, then hit return a few times before inserting the photo in the message. 

Lastly, whatever the messaging app of your choice, make sure that it uses some sort of encryption to keep your information safe. For example, Telegram uses an excellent end-to-end encryption system and has other safety features to make you feel at ease while sexting.

2. Learn the meaning sexy emojis

While emojis may sound like a silly way to communicate (and they may make you feel like you’re in high school again, which is not necessarily a bad thing), they can be very sexy! Use them to make your sexting session more colorful and fun.

The eggplant emoji has been used since forever to indicate the male penis, so you can use it to flatter your buyer and tell him that you love his crown jewels. Pair it with the lipstick print or tongue emoji to let him know that you’d really want an oral sex session with him if he was together with you. Few things are more flattering for guys!

To indicate his penis in a subtle way, you can also use the banana emoji. The cherry emoji, instead, indicates testicles. Use it without moderation to let him know what you’d like to do with his balls during a blow job.

The taco, sushi and fortune cookie emojis are used to indicate the female vagina. You can also pair these with the sweat drops emoji to tell him that you’re very wet, which will very likely turn him on like crazy.

Lastly, the peach emoji indicates the female butt, so you can use it to hint to anal sex.

3. Read erotica to practice your dirty vocabulary

Reading erotica or listening to erotic audiobooks is a great way to get inspiration about how to talk dirty with a buyer. Your sexting partner will likely want you to be very descriptive about what turns you on or what you’re imagining to do with it, and erotica can help you to learn this in-demand skill.

You can find many free well-written erotica on many sex blogs on the internet. Browse free Tumblr accounts, and you’ll likely find many pieces to take inspiration from. You can also find a good selection of erotic stories on Cosmopolitan UK’s website. Alternatively, you can look for full erotic ebooks on platforms like BookRix.

As for free audio erotica, there are many free apps, sites and podcast where you can listen to steamy stories. For example, Literotica is a sexy site with a simple user interface and plenty of naughty audio stories. If you’d prefer to listen from your mobile device, you can download the Vibease app. It was intended to let your partner control a Bluetooth-enabled vibrator, but it also has a huge library of erotic audiobooks that you can listen for free. 

4. Set the right mood

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If you’re not aroused yourself, probably your sexting session won’t be as successful as you hoped. Unfortunately, women take more time (and effort!) to get aroused in comparison with men. 

Dim the lights in your bedroom and light some scented candles. Declutter your space, so you won’t have any distractions, and lay on the bed. You can also wear your sexiest lingerie, even if no one is going to see you!

Soft, sensual music is another great idea to help get you in the mood. If you can, switch off all notifications that aren’t from your sexting partner, so you won’t get distracted while you start to get aroused. 

If you have the budget, try decorating your room with throw pillows, sensual soft blankets, romantic wall art, and any home decor accent that helps you put yourself in the mood!

5. Get into cock ratings

One of the hottest sex-related trends right now on the Internet is the cock rating fetish. A seller, usually a panty seller or a cam girl, gets paid to provide a honest review of a man’s dick, analyzing its girth, length, physical appearance, grooming and so on.

The reason for the popularity of this seemingly bizarre sexual act is very simple: new generations are bombarded with porn, which depicts unrealistic big dicks. Therefore, it’s normal for young men to feel insecure about the size and appearance of their penis and looking for the honest evaluation of a professional sex worker. 

You can easily sell cock ratings as texting sessions, or incorporate them in your traditional sexting offerings if the client wants so. Make sure to ask the client what type of cock rating he’d like to get: while most guys are just looking for a honest female opinion, others are into cock humiliation and will get seriously aroused if you use offensive terms about their tiny dick (even if it’s not that tiny — you’ll have to use your fantasy).

You can decide to offer just one type or both, based on what you’re comfortable with. If you want to do an honest cock rating, be as detailed as possible, and remember that the male ego is extremely fragile — don’t be too harsh!

6. Know exactly what to do in case one of your sexy selfies leaks on the Internet

Unfortunately, while most buyers will keep your intimate selfies online, some could try to leak the material they bought from you on the Internet. 

The first step to protect yourself is always adding a watermark to your photos, even if it’s just a spontaneous selfie. The watermark should include not only your seller name, but also a link to your Kinkie profile or social media handles, so the leaked picture actually turns into a powerful marketing tool. When people will see it online, they will become curious, check out your profile and maybe even decide to purchase something from you. This makes it way less annoying when a buyer decides to share with the world your private material. 

If you have the extra budget, and your watermark is unique enough, you can trademark it to make takedown requests easier and get additional protection. Speaking of takedown requests to the websites where you’ve found your leaked pics, they may ask you for personal information and contact details: if possible, you should only provide your seller nickname, not your real name, and a dedicated email address that doesn’t contain your real name.

Also, keep in mind that not all websites will fulfill your takedown requests. Most websites from the UK, EU and US are bound by copyright laws, so they need to remove pirated content. For example, American sites must abide by the DMCA law. However, sites from other countries may just ignore your request. If this is the case for you, you can try with a DMCA request to Google. The famous search engine can’t remove content from the website itself, but from its search results, so it’s way less likely that Internet surfers can find it. If Google removes your stolen content from search engines, this action hurts the pirate site’s SEO rankings, so it will be way less likely for people to find it and access your pictures.

Since piracy is a common problem among sellers of sexy items and cam models, there are many DMCA agencies — and some are even adult-related — that do all the work of filing takedown requests for you, so you don’t even have to worry about filling the form with personal information. Some of them have web crawlers that constantly look for your pirated content, while others use face recognition software to recognize your photos. Consider hiring one of them if you can spend the extra money.

Lastly, what if your photos get leaked to social media? On many platforms like Facebook, you can ask to take down the content because it’s sexually explicit. If the person who stole content from you tends to share leaked nudes and videos from other sellers, you can ask the platform to ban his account.  

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