BLACK FRIDAY 2021! 7 Top Tips for Selling Used Underwear and Sex Toys


You will find many sellers of used underwear and sex toys complaining about not getting the adequate sales they want. They are not generating the amount of revenue that they should be doing. If you analyse their approach minutely, you will find they have multiple flaws.

That is mainly why they are unable to find the success that they want to achieve through selling underwear and sex toys. As you sell used sex toys and underwear online, you have to make use of the fantastic opportunity the Black Friday gives you to increase your revenue.

If you were struggling to sell used underwear and create a stream of passive income, this Black Friday can truly turn your fortunes. However, having a great Black Friday sale for your used sex toys and underwear will also depend on how you are trying to sell and what you are offering to the buyers.

Also, it can depend on which platform you are trying to sell your products to. That is why the platform you are choosing to sell your used sex toys and underwear will play a pivotal role in making your Black Friday sale a success. Still, there are things that you can do to ruin your Black Friday sales.

So, if you want to make sure that the Black Friday sales you are running are a success, then you need to know the mistakes you have to avoid and also the tips you need to follow to make Black Friday sales a success. Thus, in this article, let’s give you everything to help you succeed this Black Friday.

Things That Can Ruin Your Black Friday Sales Completely

You know what, there are things if you do will completely ruin your Black Friday and you will end up whining about it. That is why you need to avoid those mistakes by learning about them. So, here are the mistakes you can’t do on Black Friday;

Not Knowing Where Your Customers Are

You need to understand where your customers are. If you have many people messaging you on your Instagram or Twitter account for used underwear or sex toys, you know that there are people who are interested in these products. So, you should design your promotional campaign to target these people on various platforms. Many sellers fail to recognize this and thus, they fail miserably.

Not Choosing the Right Platform

When you are into selling products like used underwear and sex toys, you should know that you have a fetish-based product. So, you need to choose a platform where similar sellers are selling similar products, and also, a huge number of customers visit the platform every day. The only platform that will tick all the boxes here is Kinkie and if you don’t realise it, you shouldn’t expect your Black Friday sales to be a success as a beginner in selling used underwear and sex toys.

Giving Away Fake Discounts

One of the biggest drawbacks for many sellers is that they will announce that they will be giving discounts but those will be fake discounts. You should know that your audience is smart and they will know that in the name of discounts, you are increasing your base price and giving a slight discount over that increased price to make more revenue. In such cases, customers will not buy products from you and your Black Friday sales will be a failure.

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Black Friday Sales a Success

  1. Competitor Analysis

Most of the sellers of used underwear and sex toys don’t do proper competitor analysis. Look, the platform where you are selling your products this Black Friday will have many large sellers as well. Check their approach and try to learn and replicate it.

  1. Offer Exclusive Stuff That the Customers Will Cherish

Everyone person would love to have something exclusive from someone that no one will ever have. It just makes the buyer feel special about him or herself. So, you can offer something special to your customers as well on this occasion of Black Friday.

  1. Give Proper Discounts

As you already know, giving away fake discounts will detract customers from your sale and will boost the business of other sellers. So, instead of giving fake discounts, give genuine discounts to your customers so that they become loyal buyers of your used sex toys and underwear.

  1. Announce the Sales Beforehand

Before anything else, your customers need to know that you are having a sale on used sex toys and underwear this Black Friday. So, you need to announce the sale via social media to the right people so that more and more potential customers come for your products.

  1. Start Loyalty Reward Program

If you want to make sure that you have a loyal customer base, then, you have to give your regular customers of used underwear something extra. So, start your loyalty reward program this Black Friday and see how your customers become loyal to you.

  1. Create Early Bird Offers

Most people who sell used sex toys, as well as underwear, will host Black Friday sales. But, if you want customers to get attracted to your Black Friday sales, you need to start the sale early. Have early bird offers in place and you will see many people coming to buy used underwear from you.

  1. Building Anticipation for Black Friday Sales

In this age of social media, if you want to sell used underwear and sex toys successfully during Black Friday sales, you have to create hype. Post regularly on social media about your sale and build and anticipation about the sale within your potential customers. It will do wonders for your Black Friday sales.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you want to ensure that the Black Friday sale of your used sex toys and underwear is a success, then you have to follow these tips. Also, in case you are in Kinkie and applying these tips, you will witness a surge in your revenue from selling underwear.

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