8 Different Ways to Use Sex Toys during Solo Play This New Year 2022


Use Sex Toys during Solo Play – Sex is a very intricate thing. If you are not having the pleasure you seek during sex with your partner, you can always have the solo play to please you whichever way you want. However, at times, the solo play can get a bit boring. But, there is no doubt that an immaculate solo play session can give you tremendous pleasure.

Now, the best way you can maximize the pleasure you are having from self-play is by using sex toys. Yes, there are many different types of sex that you can use and experience unknown sensations in your body. The feeling you will have will be amazing and you would love to have those sensations again and again.

Make Space for New Sex Toys: Sell Used Sex Toys

Now, if you have been using sex toys for a while and want to change things up by replacing your old dildos, then don’t just discard them. At Kinkie, you can sell those solo play toys that you have been using for a while. Yes, there is a huge demand to buy used sex toys UK.

So, if you are trying to add new toys to your collection, then don’t throw your old ones away. You can get good prices for your old sex toys here on Kinkie because using used sex toys is also a type of kink many people have. Thus, don’t let this opportunity to earn some side cash go by.

Look, since the outbreak of COVID and the consequent lockdown, people have started to realise the importance of having multiple streams of income. So, in case you find an income source as a side hustle, you shouldn’t let that opportunity go away.

With Kinkie, you are getting that opportunity to earn a good side income by selling your used kinkie stuff. That is why don’t throw away your old sex toys because, at Kinkie, you will get a very good value for them from the kinky customers of ours.

8 Used Sex Toys to Add to Your Collection This New Year

Now, many sex toys are coming to the market every year. But, if you are looking to add new toys to spice up your solo play, then you should know about the toys that are the best for you. Look, many dildos come to the market that is just a tweak from their previous versions. Spending money on them if you have the previous version will not be a wise thing to do.

When you are choosing a new sex toy for your collection, you need to act smart. So, after considering a lot of things, we have selected a few dildos that can be a great addition to your collection. Let’s go through them now.

sex toys collections

1.     Sex Toys

Many people have this kinkie of using used sex toys. The thought of someone else’s sex toy excites them a lot. The scent of the body of the previous user makes the use of the sex toy more exciting. That is why they tend to buy such sex toys.

At Kinkie, you will find such dildos easily. Therefore, you can explore our site and find some of the most ideal used sex toys if you are also inclined towards buying used dildos. You will surely enjoy it a lot while exploring the collection we have on our site.

2.     The Bullet

Now, if you are a beginner in buying dildos, then you should be looking at something like the Bullet as a great way to start the collection. This sex toy will look small but can give you intense sensations. Also, it will be a nice way to get used to using sex toys.

3.     Magic Wand

If you are looking for a vibrator, then you should know that Magic Wand is one of the popular names that you can look to get. Yes, they have many variations of their Magic Wand vibrators. But, if you don’t own any of the Magic Wands, then you should do it because these vibrators are amazing.

4.     Clit Stimulators

Now, the next type of sex toy that you can look to purchase this New Year will be the clit stimulators. There is no doubt that clit stimulators are one of the most sought-after sex toys that you can find. They give you amazing sensations and lead you to heart-pounding orgasms. So, you should look to purchase one of them.

5.     G-Spot Stimulators

You can’t have the sensation that will rock your world unless you stimulate your G-spot. That is why you need to have a G-spot stimulator in your collection if you don’t have any. You can rest assured your solo play this New Year will take an exciting turn once you get a G-spot stimulator.

6.     Clit and G-Sport Combo Stimulator

You will find a lot of sex toys that will enable you to stimulate both your clit and G-spot. Undoubtedly, these are the sex toys that can make you experience the most powerful orgasms that will rock your world. Thus, you need to get one this New Year.

7.     Dildos

The age-old dildos will always be a classic addition to your sex toy collection. But, now, you can customize the dildo as per your wish. There are many designs of the dildos that you can try and spice up your solo play this New Year.

8.     VR Toys

One sex toy that you cannot ignore if you want to take your solo play to the next level is VR sex toys. Yes, these next-gen dildos will be taking you closer to a more intimate solo play by using virtual reality. You will enjoy using these VR sex toys.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you should look to bring home some of the best dildos available in the market right now this New Year to take your solo play to the next level. Also, if you are looking to find used dildos, then Kinkie is the best place to find them. Furthermore, you can also start selling your used sex toys on Kinkie if you have a bloated collection of dildos already, to start earning a passive income this New Year.

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