Best Places to Sell Used Panties Online in the UK (2021 Newbie Guide)

Best Places to Sell Used Panties Online

Remember the fun of scratch and sniff as a kid? Well, consider this fetish an adult twist on aroma-induced pleasure. If you’ve never considered selling your used panties online, it may be easier and more profitable than you think.  

When women release pheromones, the scent is absorbed into their garments, particularly their unmentionables. Each woman has a unique scent, and men often find this scent sexually arousing. 

Now let’s capitalize on that.

If you want to know the best places to sell used panties, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about selling panties as a fun and easy way to earn money from home.

Why Sell Your Used Panties? 

The question should really be, why not sell your used panties?

This is a great way to earn some extra cash. Not only can you start this side hustle with no investment, but it’s flexible according to your schedule and totally anonymous. 

With many industries affected by the Coronavirus lockdown, this is a fun and easy way to make money from the comfort of your own home. 

This fetish originated in Japan. It has become so common, in fact, that you can buy used underwear from a vending machine. The variety of designs, colors, and fine lace fabrics were meant to reveal a lady’s unique taste. 

Now the panty fetish has become global, and it’s easier than ever to sell used panties online.

There are many ways to market yourself, and the earning potential is endless. Some women have been very successful in the business, and others choose to use it as a quick way to make money on top of their actual job. 

Who Will Buy Your Used Panties? 

Unsurprisingly, this is a male-dominated market. The majority of men are looking to buy used panties from women after being worn for a certain period of time. Some gay men are in the market to buy used underwear from other day men.

Panties are intimate, sensual, and feminine. They cover up just enough to leave something to the imagination and do so without being vulgar. Additionally, there is the added attraction and allure of receiving something so intimate from an unknown woman.

Men cannot resist this. 

Some buyers enjoy getting to know the person they’re buying from. This can add to the fantasy and is only appropriate when there is an established comfort level.

Other buyers enjoy niche panties from women who engage in certain activities like wearing the panties to the gym or wearing them during masturbation.

Sell Used Panties Online UK

How to Make Money from Your Used Panties

Like many other markets, this one is also competitive. It is important to market yourself and to understand your audience.

Here are some tips and tricks if you want to know how to sell used panties:

Create a Persona 

Buyers love getting to know who it is that is sending them panties. The fun part is – you can be anyone you want to be! It is recommended that you use an alias and never show your face in your photos. 

This can also be an opportunity for you to tap into your own fantasies and have fun with the process. 

Ensure that the buyer gets to know you (whatever part of you you are willing to share). Get creative and create a connection by showing off your naughty side.  

Market Your Activities  

To tap into a variety of markets, present who you are and specific activities that you do. Maybe you are a yoga teacher, a dancer, or a stewardess. You can sell your used panties after you have done any of these activities (or jobs). 

Additionally, share lots of photos of you wearing the item and engaging in the particular activity. But again, never show your face in the photos.

Use Social Media 

To reach a broader audience, you want to ensure that you are tapping into all of the social media platforms available. There are specific websites designed to help you sell your used intimates, but there are many online avenues that you can use to direct buyers to your site. 

When you upload pictures or videos, make sure that you use the right hashtags (panties, used panties, etc.) to get more traction.

Use TMI 

We generally avoid sharing too much information, but if you want to sell your panties successfully, there is no such thing! Be specific about how long the panties have been worn, what you were doing while you wore them, and create a sexual narrative around them. 

You can say that you were wearing red lace panties, and you masturbated after your hot yoga class, leaving the panties sweaty and moist. Whatever the case, be specific and descriptive.  

Best Places to Sell Used Panties 

Thankfully, you don’t have to set up shop like a lemonade stand with a sign that reads “Panties for Sale: 50 pence”.

There are safe, confidential, and easy-to-use websites if you want to sell your used panties. Ensure that the website is reputable and trustworthy. 

Kinkie is one of the best websites to sell used panties in the UK. It is an adult platform where you can buy and sell items from underwear to used sex toys. Kinkie ensures that you have access to buyers and sellers for all of your needs and fetishes. 

Why Use Kinkie to Sell Your Used Panties  

If you are looking for the best places to sell used panties online, Kinkie will not disappoint. Here are some reasons why we love Kinkie for all of your panty selling needs:

  • Great community of buyers and sellers
  • Variety of items like lingerie sets, bras, hosiery, accessories, sexy toys, and socks
  • Commission-free selling
  • Safety and security 
  • Confidential and private 

When selling used panties in the UK, Kinkie is your go-to platform. Be ready to have some fun and release your naughty side!

Final Thoughts on the Used Panty Persuasion

Selling used panties can be fun and profitable with the right help. It is important to find the right platform for you to get the jump start that you need. Kinkie is one of the best places to sell used panties if you are ready for a naughty side gig.

Remember to choose the right platform, brand yourself, and have fun! 

Be sure to check out our website and register as a seller today. Happy selling!


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