Buying Used Panties

Buying Used Panties

A lot of men (and women) love used panties!  Sniffing panties is a very popular fetish.  It often starts during the teenage years with you secretly sniffing your girlfriend’s panties when she wasn’t looking.  Once you had a taste (no pun intended) of panty sniffing you probably never lost your love for it!  For most, it becomes a life-long fetish, extending through college (you probably sniffed your roommate’s panties when she wasn’t in the room, didn’t you?) and into your adult life.

Buy Used Panties

We assure you, this fetish is very popular and nothing to be ashamed of.  After all, nothing smells quite as good as a creamy pair of panties worn by a lovely lady with a sweet, delicious pussy!  Not only do they smell wonderful, but they’re a lovely visual that is sure to excite you!  In Japan, they even have vending machines with used panties in them!

Whether you’re single or just want to keep your fetish a secret, buying panties online is a wonderful way to satisfy your needs.  Buying panties online is safe and discreet.  And if you’re used to stealing used panties, now you won’t have to worry about getting caught!  Our girls WANT you to have their sexy underwear.

Most ladies who sell panties are happy to chat with you about your taste in underwear and fulfil your panty fantasies!  Maybe you like a stronger odour.  She can wear panties of your choice to the gym!  Are you into used thongs?  Booty shorts?  Granny panties?  They’re all available!  These ladies love to cater to you and give you exactly what you want.

Oftentimes, buyers like you enjoy a few days of wear and that’s cool, too.  Just search through the available panties and find a pair suited to your taste.  A lot of the panties will be played in and have all those yummy juices soaked into the fabric. 

Buy Used Underwear

Buy Used UnderwearMaybe you like that sex smell.  Lots of ladies will put their underwear on straight away to get that sexy smell for you!

If you want a little something to add to your fun, most ladies are willing to take some pics or video in which they are wearing the panties you want.  These can include everything from simple shots to videos of her playing with her pretty pussy!

Here at Kinkie, we have a plethora of options available to specifically suit your desires!  Not only do we have ladies’ panties, but we also have socks, lingerie, toys, men’s underwear and so much more!  We are dedicated to creating a friendly, worry-free environment for our buyers and sellers.  This April we’re celebrating 4 years of being the best panty buying and selling website on the internet! 

With over 100 different sellers with active listings at any given time, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you want!  Our sellers are very open to doing bundles and often will even give you a discounted price if you find yourself wanting more than just panties.  In the past 12 months, we have had over 12,000 enquiries about buying panties and we will surely only grow from here!

Every item listed on our site has been personally approved by one of our staff members.  To ensure a great experience for our buyers we automatically delete any spammers or sellers that cause our customers any trouble what-so-ever.  If you ever have a problem with any of our sellers, simply contact us and we will mediate between the two of you and make sure you’re being taken care of properly!

So, you want a site where you can buy used panties, have tons of options on styles, the ability to communicate directly with your seller, AND has excellent customer service?  You’ve found us!  Kinkie is here to make your fantasies come true!  What are you waiting for?  Go find yourself a sexy pair of used panties to enjoy now!

Buy Used Panties

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