Everything You Wanted to Know About Selling Used Panties Online in the UK

Selling Used Panties Online

Have you been wondering about whether or not it’s worthwhile to sell used panties online, but you’ve been too shy to ask about it? There’s nothing shameful about selling used panties. After all, you’re just displaying an entrepreneurial spirit and taking your finances into your own hands (or in this case, your own underwear drawer). 

Many people get nervous about this type of “sex work” due to some of the harmful stigma surrounding it. Don’t let the opinions of others get in the way of your business venture. 

We’re here to give you a “brief” guide all about putting up your used panties for sale. From how to get started through finding success, we have everything that you need to know.

Keep reading to learn more. 

Is Selling Used Panties Profitable? 

Believe it or not, selling used underwear online is a profitable venture as long as you’re willing to put time into it. While not everyone will be successful, if you put in the effort and stay consistent, you’ll find that you can make more than spare pocket change without ever leaving your home. 

If you’re the average consistent panty-seller, you can make several hundred pounds per month. Some lucky sellers can make over one thousand (or even several thousand), but this isn’t as common. 

Selling panties is a great way to cover things like grocery bills and rainy day funds. It doesn’t get in the way of your full-time job and it costs you next to nothing to get started. 

So no, you won’t be a millionaire from selling used panties, but you’ll create a great secondary stream of income so you can have some extra spending money. 

Can Anyone Sell Used Underwear? 

Many people think that you have to be a young and conventionally attractive woman to sell used underwear on the internet, but this isn’t actually true. While these people are often more successful, there are a variety of niches and there’s an audience for everyone.

Men can make money by selling used underwear. People with diverse body types and even older people can also make money this way. All that matters is that you find your niche and connect to it.

People of all genders buy and sell worn panties. The key is consistency regardless of who is doing the selling. 

Why Should I Sell Used Panties Online? 

So why bother with this venture? Sure, you can make extra money every month by selling used panties, but what makes this a better venture than other secondary streams of income or second jobs?

First, you can do this from home. It’s easy to take a few hours out of every week to commit to your panty-selling business and you’re able to do other things while you’re working on it. With COVID-19 still looming over the world, this is a safe way to earn some extra cash.

It’s affordable to get started. Your primary cost is going to be your underwear. You can start with cheap pieces and go for more expensive options once you gain a following that is willing to pay that extra cost. 

You may, after some time, decide to invest more money into your panty-selling operation. You might consider hiring a professional photographer or buying your own high-end camera, but these are optional costs. 

It’s also a great way to have fun and explore your sexuality in new ways. Your online persona is like an alter ego. The “you” that sells panties is different from the “you” that works a 9-5 at the office every weekday.

You get to create a new character, try on cute new outfits, and talk to people in new ways. You can become a dominatrix, a cosplayer, and so much more. It’s more private than traditional sex work but you still get to feel sexy.

What Should I Figure Out Beforehand?

When you’re planning your panty selling venture, there are a few things that you want to consider for yourself.

First, what are your prices going to be? It’s important that you don’t let potential customers take advantage of you and bring your prices down. Instead, set a price that you think is reasonable and make alterations later depending on your success (or lack thereof). 

Decide early on what kind of boundaries you plan on the setting. These may include things like whether or not you’re willing to make videos, whether or not you plan on showing your face, and how you expect customers to treat you. Remember, you deserve respect from your customers!

Finally, try to pick a niche. While many people aim for a traditional sexy look, you may find it easier to have success in less saturated markets. Are you a fierce dominatrix? Are you a bossy brat? 

Your niche will form your persona and make it easier for future willing customers to find you!

How Can I Succeed? 

You’re in control of your own success when you’re selling used underwear on the internet. 

First, try learning how to market yourself. Many used panty sellers online also use social media and sites like Reddit to build their following and attract new buyers to their selling page. You are your own marketer here, so learn a bit of marketing know-how.

Make sure that you interact with your customers. Make your interactions suit your persona. For example, if you have a domme persona, you want to be assertive and even sassy. If not, keep your interactions kind and bubbly. 

You should always have respect for your customers. Consider offering little “extras” for returning customers, like an extra photo or a personalized message. 

Remember, these people are paying your bills!

Start Selling Worn Panties Today

You can start selling used panties right away if you think that you’re ready. This is a great way to make money from home in a safe and fun way!

Remember, you’re your own marketing team! Start selling your brand on social media, interact with potential buyers, and buy some cute new outfits to sell after you wear them!

Are you ready to sell underwear in the UK? At Kinkie, we have all of the resources that you need to start making money today! Sign up as a seller and have fun!

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