Fetishes explained: Cuckolding

Cuckolding Humiliation

Cuckolding is the act of a man having a sexual relationship with another man’s wife or a woman openly acting promiscuous in a monogamous relationship. Cuckolding is as old as time itself, with references made in Greek mythology. The very word itself comes from the french ‘cucu’ which is a reference to a cuckoo laying its egg in other birds nests.

What is modern Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is now considered a subcategory of the BDSM family and is as popular now as it has ever been. The thought of not being able to please your own wife or mistress is a huge turn-on for thousands of British people and according to a pornhub survey conducted last year, “cuckold” is now one of the most popular categories in terms of search queries.

Moden psychologists dissected the thought process of being turned on by cuckolding and they believe that it stems from escapism. The pressures of modern life can often be overwhelming and for some, the release is incredibly satisfying. For many men, the stress of family life and their work-life can get overwhelming and having a sexual fantasy that allows them to swap their roles to be the ultimate subservient is part of the draw.

How Can I get involved?

Many of our sellers are well aware of their fans that have cuckold fetishes and lucky for you can help you realise those fetishes through some of their items. Some sellers will even become your dom and regularly send you items characterising as your cuckold wife. Make sure that you let your seller know about your fantasy!

What products are available?

From the used condoms to the post-sex underwear that create a cocktail of scents, our sellers have a wide range of products you can pick up to indulge in your cuckold side, this also includes bodily fluids and real used sex toys. Each seller has their own unique set of wills and won’t’s so if there is something specific that you would like to see a specific seller see then do not hesitate and get in touch! If there is one thing that you can count on from a Kinkie seller is that they will always do the utmost to ensure their buyers are happy.

How to be a cuckold item seller

If you’re a seller and wondering how to capitalize on the cuckold frenzy then you’re at the right place to find out. We recommend that all sellers follow these simple steps

Communication – Make sure that you have a long conversation with your buyer to find out not only what type of products he/she wants but also where their cuckold fantasy comes from. Getting to the route of their fantasy can help with developing your role play to the next level.

Get the help of a partner – Many cuckolds fantasies about other men being involved in a session so if you’re in a relationship or maybe having casual encounters with someone, introduce them to the story. The added layer of realism can be the difference between a one time purchase and a life long customers.

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