Fetishes: Explained – Foot Worship

Foot Fetishes

Foot fetishes are still seen as a taboo by most societal norms but are actually incredibly common. Feet are actually the second most fetishised part of the body, after the genitals. Nearly 66% of adults with a fetish for a certain object also have a fetish for feet, shoes or socks. 

What is it about feet that so many people find irresistible?

There are many different theories as to where the origins for foot fetishes can stem from and although there is no indisputed answer, there are a couple of common causes. 

Pavlovian conditioning – One of the most common beliefs is that foot fetishes are primarily started at an early age. Having a meaningful experience with a foot or shoe can lead to a life long association with sex. Once your brain and body are in synch it is almost impossible to rewire. 

Submissive kink – Another theory is that the desire to worship feet is a subsection of being a submissive lover. There are certainly elements of BDSM when considering the transfer of power that foot worship demands. Feet often take the brunt of day to day life and are probably the hardest working limb. The idea of submitting to the sweatiest, most battered part of someone else’s body is more than a form of submission, it is a primal desire. 

Disgust turned to love – When aroused, it is said that things you would find disgusting normally actually play a part in turning you on even more. The idea of “breaking the rules” or going against what is expected of you adds an element of danger to your sex life. The thought of participating in a taboo act plays up to our love of breaking the societal norms. Feet are seen as dirty sweaty so worshipping them plays into that heightened sense of arousal. 

Can I get rid of a foot fetish?

Fetishes have always been noted as things that need to be shaken off. The likelihood is that once a foot fetish has taken hold of your life, it is almost impossible to shake. Do not buy into the self-help literature that may tell you that talking to someone can help alleviate your fetishes. Here at Kinkie, we advocate a healthy and open relationship with yourself. It is important to be honest and embrace what makes you. There is probably no getting away from a foot fetish and why would you want to? A fetish is not “perverted” it is simply a preference, just like liking blondes or redheads. 

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