Fetishes: Explained – Introduction


Welcome to a brand new series of Blogs by the Kinkie team! Fetishes: Explained is a new series all about different fetishes, giving in-depth analysis and knowledge from experts on causes, history, and reasons behind some of the countries most popular kinks! 

Running a fetish site gives you a bit of an idea of the vast number of fetishes and kinks that everyday people live with.

Kinkie is a site of liberation and part of this journey is helping people find like-minded individuals who share the same interests. Whether you’re looking for a friend to talk to or a dom to spend money on, this is the platform for you to embrace all of your most personal and intimate desires. 

Over the course of this series of blog posts we hope to shed some light on the more obscure fetishes that exist in the UK, but we will, of course, be covering the nation’s most popular fetishes, such as:

Foot Worship

Feet Worship – Feet are incredibly sensitive and popular with so many on our platform because of the opportunities that they present. From slow and passionate foot worship to the shoe and sock play, feet are quickly becoming a global phenomenon in the fetish world.

The psychology of foot fetishes is currently unknown – theories range from the fetishization of feet due to the fact that they are often covered in public, to a particularly specific theory from none other than Sigmund Freud himself who claims that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises. Whatever the reasons behind it, foot fetish is one of the most popular fetishes in the country.

Water Sports

The technical term for urination fetish is urolagnia, but Water Sports has become a catch-all term that encompasses all aspects of urination fetishes, covering everything from sexual arousal from watching someone wet themselves to a passionate desire to be showered in someone else’s urine. Water Sports is one of the most popular fetishes in the country.


BDSM – This intricate acronym covers a wide array of fetishes – Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission and Sadism & Masochism. This might sound intimidating, and for years BDSM was seen as a seedy and was generally mistrusted by the general public.

However, within the last 10 years, BDSM has become more popular, and it is now one of the UK’s most popular fetishes.

There is a huge BDSM subculture across the world, which is itself made up of dozens of more niche fetish subcultures.

BDSM enthusiasts may be aroused by rope-play, humiliation, or enforced servitude, though there are so many aspects to the BDSM fetish that it would be impossible to list them all.


Cuckolding – When someone gets sexual arousal from their sexual partner having sex with someone else, they are a cuckold. This fetish has close ties to BDSM as it involves domination, submission and humiliation. This fetish is growing in popularity and applies to both men and women. Some cuckolds get sexual arousal from watching their partner in the act of having sex with someone else, and others involve aspects of cross-dressing and forced feminization in their sessions.

Rubber Latex and Leather

It is the fetish of being attracted to people wearing latex or rubber clothing. Rubber and Latex are two of the most common materials that make up the most kink outfits. People who indulge in this refer to themselves as “rubberists” but this term can also be broadened to people who use rubber and latex instruments.

One of the biggest turn-ons for people who fetishise shiny or rubber products is the idea of wearing a “second-skin” or having a layer so thin that nothing is really unexposed.

Whether you’re looking to broaden your fetish knowledge, find other like-minded people, or are simply curious about how the other half lives, this series aims to be a refreshingly real account for some of the Uk’s most popular fetishes.

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