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Worn Lingerie Sets

When considering Fetishes in general, lingerie might not spring to mind, despite the fact that it is arguably one of the most prolific fetishes out there. When you stop and think about it, what actually is it about lingerie in particular that makes it more exciting than more standard underwear? One would assume that, when it comes to sex, the less clothes the better – but everyone knows that lingerie enhances the mood and certain types of lingerie are a serious turn-on for most people. But the question remains – why is this the case?

Theories on this vary from person to person. Some believe that lingerie is specifically designed with sexuality in mind, and is therefore created to enhance the natural curves of a woman’s body (or man’s, if cross-dressing is involved) so it activates a primal urge that increases the sexual desire of those that look upon someone wearing it. Others believe that it is the disposition of the woman wearing the lingerie that makes all the difference, that a woman’s natural sexual energy is enhanced by the knowledge that she is wearing an outfit that is catered for sex. In the same way that lipstick or makeup can enhance someone’s appearance, lingerie enhances one’s sex appeal. Whatever the reason, lingerie is one of the most popular forms of underwear – particularly for couples. 

Intentionally or not, lingerie has become almost a ‘uniform’ for sex – this could also play a part in why people find it so attractive. You could argue that lingerie is specifically designed for the male gaze, which is a valid point – but many lesbians also enjoy lingerie, so it is more likely that the underwear itself is designed to enhance the feminine figure. Push-up used worn bras are a good example of this, as in the grand scheme of things they change very little but can have a huge impact on enhancing the sexuality of an outfit, whether they are worn as part of a lingerie set or worn in public under normal clothing. 

Another aspect of lingerie that is probably less prolific but still just as relevant – most forms of modern lingerie are modified versions of historical underwear. Those who have seen our category pages will know that here at Kinkie we like to take a moment to discuss the history of various forms of underwear, and things like bustiers, corsets, basques and babydolls are all based on – or directly lifted from – women’s underwear from the pre-1950s period. Corsets are the most famous example of this, as any period actress or history buff will know these forms of underwear were often tight and uncomfortable for women but they were worn to emphasise feminine curves despite the discomfort, and in modern times these designs have been improved to retain all of the sensuality with much less discomfort.

Of course, the lingerie fetish takes on a whole new dynamic when you consider used underwear as a fetish – you can read more about that here. At Kinkie, we offer the finest range of used lingerie sets available to buy online, as we have dozens of buyers listing items on our site each and every day, so there is always something new to see here on our site. If you are craving the subtle aroma of day-worn stockings or the heavy musk of a well-used corset then you have come to the right place! Browse our selection of used lingerie sets to find your ideal fetish treasures today!

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