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One of the UK’s fastest growing fetish industries is the used underwear market – you only have to take a brief look at our selection of used panties and knickers for sale here at Kinkie to see that the panty-selling market is competitive and lucrative. But why is this so? When listing popular UK fetishes, smelling used panties may not spring to mind, and yet all evidence points to this fetish being one of the UK’s fastest growing fetish communities.

The Increasing Popularity of Used Knickers

Unlike the more overt fetishes that have become common knowledge over time such as BDSM or Foot Fetishes, it can be difficult to gauge the spread and increasingly popularity of panty sniffing, as to many it is still considered somewhat taboo. 

However, just as BDSM has seen a renaissance in recent years and has become more readily understood by society as a whole, evidence suggests that the used underwear fetish may be going through a similar process. The spread of hastags like ‘usedunderwear’ and ‘wornpanties’, with some having over 50,000 results on Instagram and Twitter, shows that this fetish is gaining a lot of traction.

The Psychology of Panty Sniffing

Theories are abound as to what makes the panty sniffing fetish so prevalent – and it seems that the specific reasons for enjoying the smell of a pair of used knickers varies from person to person. Some enjoy inhaling the smell as part of their routine whilst others will wear the used panties that they buy.

What all used knickers fetishists have in common, however, is the joy of receiving used thongs or used knickers – particularly due to the fact that a used pair of panties is both an intimate and usually private aspect of a woman’s clothing, and receiving such a personal gift from a woman is one of the primary thrills of buying used lingerie online. 

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