Fetishes Explained: Sexual Role Play

Sexual Role Play

Sexual Role Play is the act of engaging in a sexual fantasy with one or more partners, usually involving play-acting and sometimes touching on other fetishes such as Dominance & Submission or BDSM. As one of the most popular fetishes in the UK, Role Play takes many forms and is practiced by different people to different levels – some engage in light role play whilst others commit to costumes and props to assist in their sexual fantasies.

History of Sexual Role Play

Pinpointing the exact history of this fetish is difficult, as examples exist from far and wide, and it is likely that the practice of sexual role play dates back as far as theatre and acting itself, though it is impossible to tell. Needless to say, in the modern day the fetish has developed considerably and there are potentially infinite avenues to explore. Sexual role play is only limited by your imagination, and can involve any character or time period. Sexual role play also be undertaken over media, such as in an internet forum, a chat-room, or even through text messages.

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