Get more interest in your Used Panties….

Building up your Social Media…

Are you trying to get more Followers on your Twitter, so more people see your Used Panties and Used Hosiery? The more that follow, the more retweets, favourites and general publicity you get – like a chain over and over…

There’s no right, or wrong way to promote your used underwear on Twitter, it’s all trial and error and unfortunately sometimes it’s not the follows you’d like and they don’t always spend their money and purchase your goods.


Competition or Giveaway…

We all like a freebie – and so do your buyers! Why not follow the trends on Twitter and take advantage of them, our personal favourites are:






And so many more – even make your own and get it retweeted for others to see!

We suggest purchasing some cheaper underwear – perhaps try a multipack of thongs/briefs or just an odd pair to use as your giveaway. Then promote it, offer your fans a chance to win a free worn thong or used panties by simply retweeting the link. This way your page can be spread to people who all enjoy and share the same fetish.


Always deliver…

Don’t just use the competition to gain publicity – you MUST deliver. Select a lucky winner from your RTs and tweet to them congratulating on winning the competition. Tweet them a photo of the item and ask them to email you with the postal details and any other queries you may have. It’s optional to charge them postage – but for a small cost and a happy customer – the choice is yours…

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