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Valentine’s Day is a festival of love that’s celebrated across the globe every Feb 14. What was known as a Christian tradition has even been adopted in parts of Asia! It is believed to have originated from a Roman festival called Lupercalia that took place at the beginning of their Spring, in February. During this festival, among many other less romantic traditions, male attendees would each draw the name of a lady from a jar. The two would then spend the festival together, and often form a relationship thereafter. In 496 AD, Lupercalia was embraced by the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Gelasius I. From this point onwards, it was used to remember Saint Valentine, a man whose identity has since come into question. Most believe him to have been a temple priest who was executed around 270 AD for helping wed soldiers who had been forbidden from doing so. For this, he was appointed as the patron Saint of Lovers.

More recently, the holiday has become more of a commercial event. Every year, Valentine’s day (also known as Saint Valentine’s Day and the Feast of Saint Valentine) becomes more and more popular, and the market surrounding it grows from strength to strength. In the UK alone, last year’s Valentine’s Day spending amounted to a whopping £850 million! This year, it’s expected that the holiday will surpass the £1 billion mark.

Interestingly, most of the money is coming from the pockets of men, with the average man spending £44.24, compared to only £26.24 for women! Regarding age, the biggest spenders are millennials with an average of almost £42, followed by gen X at £37.61. Gen z are relatively frugal in comparison, spending only £27 each on the day of romance.

According to finder.com 4 in 5 of us UK residents plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. In addition, around 35% of the population (over 16) are single and have never married (as of 2018), an increase of almost 400,000 from the previous year. That would suggest that at least 15% of those planning to celebrate being single. There’s a good chance that a significant number of them are planning on celebrating the occasion by treating themselves, and there’s no better way to do so than by purchasing some naughty items from Kinkie.

This time of year is prime for our sellers. For those not burdened by a relationship, Kinkie offers a form of intimacy and connection that wouldn’t otherwise be available. For sellers, that means increased exposure and sales. They are able to make the most of the opportunity this holiday provides and get their share of the previously mentioned billion-pound market.

On that note, there really has never been a better time to become a seller on Kinkie. Not only are we gaining users at an incredible rate, but we’re offering a great discount to anyone who may be interested in starting off! If selling used intimate items is something you’ve considered, sign up for an Annual Seller Membership using code VALENTINES. By doing so, your products will be able to reach all those lucrative singles and couples this Valentine’s Day for only £20!

Make sure not to hesitate for too long as the offer expires on Monday 17th Feb! Sign up now and get selling while Valentine’s rush is still in effect.

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