How Does a Kinkie Seller Become Trusted to a Buyer?

Kinkie Seller Become Trusted to a Buyer

With the pandemic still going on worldwide, you might be wondering about some ways that you can create an extra income from home. What’s better than becoming a Kinkie seller and doing things on your terms?

But, when you’re getting started, one of the lingering questions you might have is ‘how do I, as a seller, become more trusted by buyers?’ We’re here to give you some useful tips to help you become a used panties seller that a Kinkie buyer will love doing business with.

Check Buyer Reviews

One thing that a panty buyer might look for when visiting the Kinkie site are reviews left by other buyers. This will give them insight into how the seller conducts business and helps them decide whether or not they’d like to continue with their purchase.

When you sign up to become a Kinkie online seller on a used underwear site, there will be some instructions that show you where on the site you can view the reviews left by buyers.

We recommend that once buyers leave reviews you take the time to read each one. This will help you to make the necessary changes to your selling methods if necessary. 

When buyers see that you take their suggestions seriously, they will begin to place more trust in you as a seller. And this also helps when it comes to advertising because the buyer is likely to pass your products on to others that may be looking to make similar purchases.

Stay Active on Social Media

The average person spends upwards of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media. This is a fantastic way to engage with your followers and further establish trust between yourself and your client base. 

The more interaction your followers get to have with you, the better. And it helps reinforce the idea that you’re not just a bot or some creep behind a screen. In today’s world customers want to know more about the person behind the business, and social media gives them the insight into companies they need.

While you’re active on social media, you can engage in a question, and answer sessions or take a poll about which underwear you’re selling is a customer favourite. Always, remember that you don’t have to accept every custom order that you’re sent.

Remember social media is one of the top ways to connect with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Chat With Other Sellers

chat with kinkie seller

What’s better than getting advice and tips from sellers that have been in the used panty industry for a while? Nothing, they’ll be able to help you avoid some of the mistakes that they made early on when they first started.

Besides, they can share some tips that will help you sell more products and get the income you’re looking for during this pandemic. If you’d like you could always look into whether another seller would love to act as a mentor to you until you become accustomed to selling on the site.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice until you’re comfortable and get the hang of things. Or if you need someone to vent to about issues you might be having that they’ve experienced before.

Choose Payment Methods Wisely

While you might select a payment method you’re comfortable with, it might not be the preferred method for all your customers. We recommend offering various types of payment methods for your customers.

That way, they can choose the payment method that they’re the most comfortable with when make their purchases. Customers who aren’t knowledgeable about using a specific payment method might become uneasy about it, which could be the difference between whether you make a sale.

Besides, some payment methods will allow you to gain access to the money you’ve made from your sales quicker than others.

Report Your Concerns

There’s always that one person that lets things slip under the radar. And because of that, stricter regulations are put in place to keep everyone safe. As a seller, if you notice anything out of the ordinary or notice something that breaches the rules and regulations of the Kinkie site, please report it.

We want both sellers and buyers to feel comfortable making their purchases and selling on our site. To do this, it takes everyone to make sure we continue with this fun atmosphere.

When stricter guidelines are imposed, it can drastically affect the money you’re making because it may run off some customers. And nobody wants to see a decline in their business revenue when it’s the only income they’re currently relying on.

Keep It Fun

There are tons of ways to keep things fun when selling underwear. Whether it’s how you post your listings or the various products you’re offering to customers. Keeping things fun allows customers to get to know you and it in a way creates a specific personality for your underwear.

Becoming a Trusted Kinkie Seller Guide

It might seem challenging to become a trusted Kinkie seller, but we can assure you it’s easier than you might realize. You can do tons of things to build a trustworthy reputation that gains you more customers, including being more active on social media.

And you can also become trustworthy by responding to the reviews left by customers both the good and bad. If you’re looking to become a Kinkie seller don’t hesitate to visit the Sell on Kinkie page and if you’ve got further questions always feel free to contact us.

We want you to be able to earn the extra income that you’re looking for while doing something that you enjoy doing.

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