How Selling Used Panties Has Changed My Life for the Better?

Selling Used Panties Has Changed My Life

We’re always looking for new ways to make more money. From side hustles to new businesses, there’s always something new or different to try. Selling used panties online is one of those methods. 

If you haven’t already begun selling panties, then there’s no better time to start considering it than now. Men and women alike are changing their lives for the better by listing used panties for sale. 

How does the selling process work? What do you need to begin listing used panties for sale? How much money can you make from doing so?

In the guide below, you’ll learn how to sell a worn panty and the many benefits of doing so. Continue reading to get started!

Extra Source of Income

Let’s jump right into the question everyone wants to know. How much money can you make if you sell used panties online? 

There’s no denying that there’s money to be made from selling panties. There isn’t one specific answer to how much money. When you decide to sell your used panties online, you’re able to price them however you’d like. 

Keep in mind, though, that it is a business. This means you’ll need to do your research and determine what’s a fair price. You can view other profiles of people who are similar to you with similar panties for sale and see how much they’re selling for.

It’s also a good idea to start with a low price and then gradually work your way up. If you notice your panties are selling quickly at the price listed, then you can increase the price. As you gain more fans and a larger following, you should be able to increase your prices. 

Used panties at the lowest price point sell for about £10. As a following grows along with demand, the price will increase (which is all determined by you).

The Social Aspect

Money plays a large role in deciding if selling used panties is right for someone or not, but money isn’t the only benefit. There’s an entire social aspect of it as well. Sellers will interact with buyers as a way to build business relationships. 

After making a profile, you’ll then add pictures of yourself wearing the panties and begin speaking with potential buyers. You’ll be surprised by how much socializing you’ll do with buyers. Some buyers will make a special request (which you can consider charging more for) and others will want to talk to you about their sexual fetishes or interests and how you can meet those needs.

For example, if a buyer has a fetish for panties worn at the gym, can you meet this special request? 

Never Having to Leave the House

Another benefit of selling panties online is that you never have to leave the house. It’s a great way to have an extra income without having to go anywhere. All you’ll need to do is create a profile on a selling/buying platform and do everything online. 

Sellers will need to create a profile on a platform that then gives them the audience they need to sell their panties quickly. Here’s how these platforms work: a seller creates an account, pays a monthly subscription fee, and is then visible to the thousands of buyers using the same platform. 

Some platforms will take a percentage out of your sales, but other platforms will only charge the monthly subscription fee while you keep every penny of what you earned! You can find platforms that don’t charge a monthly subscription price, but these platforms may not have as large of an audience.

A Confidence Boost

selling used panties online uk

When you sell used panties to buyers online, your confidence is boosted. That’s right, selling panties online is a great way to build your self-esteem! Once you post a photo of your panties or you wearing the panties (it doesn’t have to show your face, but most buyers will want to know what the seller looks like), you’ll begin to see inquiries. 

All of the men and women contacting you about your panties and giving you compliments about how amazing you look in them is a sure way to start feeling more confident. Imagine having multiple people message you wanting to buy YOUR panties! 

These people like YOU and want to send you money for your used panties because they like what they see and will most likely keep coming back for more. There are many different fetishes and finding your target audience may take time, but there’s an audience for everyone. 

It doesn’t matter what you look like, there will be many buyers who are interested in your panties. Plus, taking sexy pictures in all types of panties and lingerie gives everyone confidence boosts! 

It’s Actually a lot of Fun

The last note to take from this is that selling your used panties is actually a lot of fun. You can have lots of fun picking out different types of panties, taking fun and clever pictures, and messaging buyers online. You have so many different options of panties and the type of photos you take, so never feel obligated to stay within certain limits. 

This is your chance to be you! Do you enjoy cosplay or dressing up? Dress up as your favourite character in a pair of panties. 

Are you someone who practices yoga? You can take fun pictures in your panties while doing yoga! 

The options are endless. The main idea is to get creative and have fun. 

Is Selling Used Panties Right for You?

Are you ready to start selling used panties online? After reading through this guide and all the benefits of selling used panties, are you ready to create your own profile?

You can sign up today with Kinkie and start selling your used panties to thousands of buyers with commission-free selling!

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