How to Avoid Bad Buyers as a Kinkie Seller?

Avoid Bad Buyers

Truth be told, selling products online is not easy. You may think that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into creating an online store and then selling your products there. But, you will find some bad buyers who will just leave you with sleepless nights due to their attitude and behaviour.

Also, if you are selling your products on a third-party platform, you have to abide by their policies and you know what, these third-party platforms just worship buyers. They will never think that the buyer can be wrong. Looking after the interest of the sellers is out of contention for them.

In this context, if you are looking to get into the business of selling used panties online as a side hustle on Kinkie, then you should be mentally prepared to face all these problems. Yes, you will be facing these problems from the bad buyers. Even the best panties seller faces such problems.

So, as you can rightly guess, it is a part of the game. If you want to be the best seller, you will have to prepare and deal with these situations. Now, it is difficult to avoid bad buyers without understanding how to identify them. Yes, you can identify bad buyers.

Look, bad buyers generally try to manipulate sellers by using some common traits and patterns that you just need to identify. So, let’s see some of those patterns and understand how you can tackle the problem if such circumstances arise with you while being a Kinkie seller.

#1 Cancellation Due to an Impulse Purchase

You must have done this before as well. You ordered a product and after a few minutes decided to cancel the order to get a full refund from the seller. Many people have done it in the past and if you are selling used panties, you can face this situation quite a lot.

Look, your buyers will feel hesitant at first. So, even after ordering, they can cancel the order. So, you have to talk to these used panty buyers and tell them not to panic and comfort them. Still, you will find that someone is cancelling the order for your used panties just minutes after ordering them.

#2 Product Not Received

One of the blatant lies that bad buyers will often tell is that they didn’t receive the product. You know that they are lying but you can’t do anything. So, you might end up giving the buyer a full refund which the buyer wants. Look, these types of buyers would want to get the product for free.

That is why they will be telling you such lies about not receiving the product. But, by being a Kinkie seller, you should always use tracked package delivery service so that you can get a confirmation from the buyer in the form of a signature that he or she did actually receive the product.

#3 Product Not as Described

Undoubtedly, one of the most frustrating things that a buyer can do to a seller is, return the product stating the reason- product not as described. Some people might return the product because of a slight difference in the colour of the product they saw on the screen.

As a used panty seller, you might be facing this issue more times than you can think. That is why while uploading the pictures of your used panty, you can create a disclaimer stating that the colour might differ when the product is delivered. However, still, there is no guarantee you will not find this problem even after placing a disclaimer on the pictures.

#4 Returning a False Product

One huge problem that many online sellers on multiple platforms have faced is that the problem of getting a false product in return. What happens is that the buyers requests for cancellation and the seller accepts it. Thus, the platform where you sell the product refunds the money to the buyer.

When the return package arrives at your doorstep, you find that the product you sold was different and the bad buyer has not got the product you sold for free. Yes, it is very annoying because you are losing your money. That is why you need to talk to the platform where you are selling and ask them to make their return policy a little bit lenient to sellers.

#5 Demanding Discounts and Threatening to Give a Negative Review

For online sellers, reviews are something that will not only be an encouragement for you to produce and provide better products to your customers but they are also important to determine where you are as a seller and your products stand in comparison to your competitors.

So, the reviews are almost everything for sellers and some bad buyers try to take advantage of this. They will be asking you for extra discounts or other benefits and will threaten you that if you don’t give them what they are asking for, they will end up writing a bad review for you. This sort of extortion from bad buyers is very common online.

#6 Abuse of the Buyers When Sellers Retaliate

Look, you are selling panties online and you know that you are getting scammed by a bad buyer, you might want to retaliate. When you do that, get ready to have the abuses from the bad buyers which will be derogatory and sometimes affect your mental health. But, you need to have the courage to tackle those bad apples strongly if you want to survive.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you need to remember that if you know that the buyer is bad, there is no harm in retaliating if you know that you haven’t done anything wrong. You need to identify properly whether that person is a bad buyer or not. If they are, avoiding them will be a good thing. Also, being a seller on Kinkie of used panties, you can raise your concerns about buyers to the platform which is an amazing thing for every seller for sure.

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