How to establish trust in the used panty industry

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On a panty selling platform like Kinkie, establishing trust with other users is of paramount importance. We get frequent requests from buyers who want to learn how to “verify” sellers, to know whether they can be trusted or not. 

On the other hand, sellers want to stay as anonymous as possible for several reasons. Maybe they want to hide their used panty business to family and friends to avoid unneeded complications, or they’re at risk of losing their full time job if their employer finds out.

This guide is targeted at both buyers and sellers, and aims to give useful advice about how you can avoid getting scammed while still respecting other people’s privacy. Are you ready to learn more about this important topic?

Tips for buyers

Here is some advice for buyers who are afraid of getting scammed when indulging in a naughty used panty purchase. 

1. Ask the seller about her social media profiles

99% of sellers who are serious at promoting their used lingerie use some form of Internet promotion to achieve success. This means that they have at least one social media profile with their panty selling nickname, where they promote new listings on Kinkie, entice potential buyers to get in touch for paid sexting sessions, and so on.

Even if the seller doesn’t show her face in her Instagram and Twitter pics, chances are that on her social media you’ll find many “real life” photos of her, so you know that she’s actually a real person.

Remember to ask specifically for her business social media handles, not her personal ones, to avoid looking like a creep. 

Other than traditional social media platforms, some sellers have profiles on OnlyFans, FanCentro, and other sites where they can sell nude pics and videos. This is another sign that they’re serious about selling their used lingerie and other items, and that they’re a real person, not a catfish.

2. Pay attention to her Kinkie profile

At Kinkie, we take honesty and trust very seriously, and we do everything in our power to ensure that our sex-positive community is free from scammers and catfishing. However, it’s good practice to carefully review a seller’s profile before buying anything from her. 

A serious seller puts a lot of time and effort into writing a meaningful description of herself. After all, that description is her most important marketing tool! Unless she’s a newbie, a trustworthy seller also has at least a few good reviews. Make sure that the reviews are not all on the same day, otherwise they’re probably fake. 

You can also try doing a reverse image search on Google with her profile pic, just like Nev Schulman did in the popular MTV show “Catfish”. This is useful because scammers tend to steal pics from women who are not involved in the adult industry. 

If you find the same profile pic on adult-related social media accounts with her seller nickname, or on her profiles on a sexy cam site where she performs live, then very probably she’s serious about selling underwear online.

A seller’s Kinkie profile also tells you how long she’s been selling on the website. 

3. Notice if she puts effort into building rapport with you

A serious seller will always reply to your messages and emails in a timely manner — after all, it’s in her interest to try selling her stuff — and you’ll notice that she spends time and effort into creating trust and overall a good relationship with you.

Sellers don’t like freeloaders who try to have them talk dirty for free, but they love getting to know their buyers better before wearing a special pair of panties for them or having a paid sexting session with them. After all, this is a very intimate business. 

If you notice that the seller seems not that keen on interacting with you, and overall she seems to not love what she does, that is a huge red flag. 

In short, a serious seller will try to turn you into a regular customer by building trust and an authentic connection with you, while a scammer will only try to sell a single item fast.

4. Trust your gut

This is the most important rule. If something feels wrong and for some reason you can’t feel like you trust a certain seller, probably something is wrong for real. Kinkie has so many sellers for you to choose from, that you’ll certainly find the right person for you to buy some sexy pairs of scented panties!

Advice for sellers

panty selling platform

Here is some advice for sellers to help them avoid getting scammed in the used panty community. 

1. Always get paid before wearing your panties or shipping out anything

Never send anything to the buyer before he has paid. This may sound obvious, but it’s extremely important as it’s the only way to protect yourself from freeloaders. 

Asking for the full payment before shipping is mandatory if you don’t know the client well. If he becomes a regular customer, and he has never scammed you, it’s up to you if you want to keep asking for the full payment in advance, or having him send you a deposit in advance, and pay the remaining amount after he has received the item. 

If your customer has a special request that includes buying a particular type of lingerie, have him send you the amount of money needed to purchase it before you make any purchase. This can easily be done with an Amazon gift card. 

If he has a special request about the amount of time you should wear your panties, start wearing them only after you’ve received your payment.

2. Beware of “buyers” who just want you to talk dirty for free

We agree that you need to focus on creating good rapport with your customers. After all, this is what turns an occasional used panty buyer into a returning client. However, you should not allow anyone to waste your valuable time when they have no intentions of purchasing your items. 

While most people in the used panty community realize that this is a business and sellers need to make ends meet, some men mistakenly think that sites like Kinkie are good places to hook up. They’ll try to get you to talk dirty and basically entertain them in a sexy way, but they’ll never shell out cash to buy something from you.

Luckily, Kinkie offers you the opportunity to sell sexting sessions along with used panties. When a potential buyer insists that he wants to learn more about your sexual fantasies, politely tell them that you can’t do this for free and invite him to buy one of your sexting sessions. If he’s truly interested in getting to know you better, he’ll purchase the session. Otherwise, you’ll just know for sure that he’s a time-waster.

3. Beware of gift card scammers

It’s a known fact that, on the Internet, you need to be careful about scammers. This is especially true with some payment methods, including gift cards. Luckily, there are many solutions to prevent getting scammed with this convenient payment solution.

Remember to create accounts on the sites you want to receive gift cards for, like Amazon, with your seller name and email rather than your real name and personal details. This way, you’ll be 100% sure that the buyer can’t find out your personal information anywhere. He can send the gift card directly to your seller email.

When you receive the gift card, spend the money right away. This prevents the buyer from being able to ask the site a refund for the gift card, leaving you empty-handed. Also, never accept gift card codes sent over text, email or instant messaging apps, without having the site send you a regular digital gift card over email. If you do it, the buyer could file a complaint and claim that you’ve stolen the gift card.

4. Avoid creating a wishlist for buyers to buy you gifts from

Many ecommerce sites, including Amazon, let you create wishlists, so the buyers can buy you exactly the gifts you want. While this may sound like a smart idea, it isn’t actually the best choice to protect your privacy. 

First of all, there is always the risk that the buyer will get a confirmation email with your shipping address. This can be easily avoided if you have a PO box a few towns away from the one where you live, but it may be costly. 

A scammer could also try to cancel the purchase of your gift after he’s received used panties or other sexy items from you. This is especially easy to do if he has purchased digital goods like nudes or sex videos, which are received instantly. If the site hasn’t shipped your gift yet, the scammer could succeed.

Here’s all you need to know to have a safe, enjoyable experience in the used panty fetish niche. With a little experience, you’ll become a real expert in distinguishing real buyers and sellers with good intentions from scammers.

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