How to make money selling nudes

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Curious about how to sell your nudes pictures and actually make money? Here are six tips to get you started:

1. Make sure that your tech equipment is adequate

Your client will be very disappointed if you promise them hot shots of yourself, then after the payment, you send him blurred or pixelated photos. He wants to see your beauty in every detail! Therefore, you’ll certainly need a quality camera if you want to make actual money selling your nudes.

Luckily, quality photo equipment doesn’t need to be super costly. A cell phone with a good camera may be all you need to take your sexy shots. If your phone’s camera has at least 3.2 megapixels and a quality lens, then you probably have all you need to shoot quality nudes. 

If you’re in the financial position to upgrade your phone, choose one with a camera with a resolution of at least 5 megapixels. This will ensure clear, detailed photos. Features like HDR, autofocus, zoom and image stabilization are very useful as well. 

If you can invest in a DLSR camera, it will make you stand out from the other sellers on Kinkie. You can find several beginner-friendly options under £500. Try to buy the camera with the largest sensor you can afford, possibly around 22 x 16mm. Your best bet is investing in a camera that can also shoot high-quality videos in a 1080p resolution, so you’ll be able to make money from homemade porn as well, not only nudes. 

2. Advertise yourself on social media

The bad news is that you can’t post nudes on most social media platforms, because of their terms of use. However, why would you post your nudes there for free while you’re trying to sell them?

The good news is that you can post sexy non-nude photos with enticing captions, and links to your Kinkie profiles to entice potential nudes to check out your listing. When linking to Kinkie, make sure to use the hashtag #NSFW, so everyone will know that it’s a 18+ site. 

On Instagram, you can post only one link, in your bio. Add the link to your listing on Kinkie there, and in the captions that accompany your posts, invite the viewers to check out your bio to find it. You can use the popular hashtag #linkinbio, so everyone will know where to go to find more about your nudes. When advertising your nudes, use the popular hashtag #nudesforsale!

On Twitter, you can post as many links as you want. Both on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll have to post regularly if you want to have success, since their algorithms tend to show the posts of active users to more people. Your best bet is posting every day, even two or three times a day. If you don’t have enough time, try an app that allows you to schedule social media posts and publishes them for you later. There are many for both Apple and Android. 

Many cam models and women who sell nudes are experimenting with Snapchat. The platform allows you to create a “premium” paid account. This means that your clients must purchase access to the account from you. You can market your Snapchat premium account in Kinkie’s “Experiences” section. When you post nudes on the premium account, all the users who bought access from you will be able to see it. 

You can also decide to use a free Snapchat account to effectively advertise your listings on Kinkie. 

Remember that the amount of money you’ll actually be able to earn selling nudes is directly proportional to the time and effort you put into promoting yourself on all platforms you can possibly imagine. It’s definitely not easy money, but it surely pays off for your hard work!

3. Learn your best camera angles

Wondering why you never look exactly like you want in photos? Well, probably the angle from which you’re shooting isn’t that flattering for you!

Next time you’re taking a sexy picture, try keeping your chin slightly down. This pose is often used by models on magazines because it makes the eyes look slightly bigger and is overall flattering. if someone is taking the photo for you, you can ask them to step on a ladder or something else, so the camera is above your eye level. For selfies, keep the camera higher than your face and look up. This will also help to take impressive shots of your breasts. 

You can also find yourself looking better in photos when you slightly tilt your head — everyone has a side of the face that is more photogenic. Keep your phone to the side and shoot. Also, avoid keeping your face too close to the camera, as this creates distortions that can make your nose to look bigger.

Consider investing in a selfie stick, which will reduce the strain on your arm if you’re shooting photos for a lengthy amount of time. If you have a camera, consider buying a tripod that lets you experiment with different angles.

4. Learn some flattering poses

The best way to learn great poses for nude photos is looking at models in the magazines. Then, practice their poses in front of a full-figure mirror, so you’ll know which ones work well for you and which ones don’t. 

There are many poses you can experiment with. For example, if you want to take a pic of your booty, you can arch your back, which will make you look curvier. Otherwise, you can shoot with your body at a 45 degrees angle towards the camera. This will help you to look slimmer. 

Try to keep your hands occupied, otherwise they will convey nervousness, which isn’t very sexy. Use them to stroke your hair or grasp your breasts — these things drive guys crazy! Arms should be away from the bodies, so you’ll look slimmer, and shift your hips to one side, so your waist will look thinner.

5. Get familiar with photo editing software

selling your nudes

Basic photo editing software is available for free online, so you can improve the quality of your nudes without having to spend extra money. There are also many photo editing apps out there if you prefer to take photos from your smartphone.

If your room isn’t exceptionally tidy and there’s some distracting object in the background, you can simply crop the photo, so the full attention of the viewer will be on you. This is a very simple trick that makes your photo much better-looking.

Some photo editing software also allows you to correct shadows, which are unavoidable unless you’re shooting with a full set of professional photography lights, and adjust brightness for a better look. If colours seem washed out, try adjusting the saturation with your software or app, and the photo will instantly look better!

Some apps have fancy filters you can use to make your photos more fun, and we’d recommend that you experiment with them. 

6. Protect your safety and privacy at all times

Once you’ve sold a nude photo of yourself and sent it over email, unfortunately you can’t be 100% sure that it isn’t going to end up all over the Internet. That’s why you’ll have to protect your privacy at all times!

If you’re not comfortable showing your face in the pic, you don’t have to! Just crop the photo so your face isn’t visible, or simply don’t include it when taking the photo. You can also use special photo effects to make sure your face is blurred in the pic. Alternatively, you can conceal your appearance with wigs and fetish masks. You find plenty of models online and in brick and mortar sex shops. 

In addition, remember to conceal tattoos from which people can recognize you. Use special make-up or simply cover the tattoo with lingerie. 

A good idea is to watermark your pics with your seller name and maybe even a link to your profile on Kinkie, or your social media handles. This way, if the photo leaks online, it becomes a huge marketing tool for you. The more people see it, the more potential buyers will check out your listings for sexy items, and maybe decide to buy some from you!

Some photo sellers take advantage of the services of DMCA agencies that use crawlers to find your leaked photos on the Internet, and then take care of filing DMCA complaints for you in order to get them removed. Some agencies have powerful software that uses face recognition software that identifies you in the photo even if your watermark has been removed.

However, if you find a leaked nude photo of yourself online, you can still submit a DMCA complaint yourself. Try not to use your real name in the forms, and use your seller nickname instead. 

These are the 6 steps you must follow to create quality sexy photos and have success selling them on the Internet. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to shoot excellent selfies to arouse your buyers, and if you put in enough time and effort in marketing them, you’ll definitely get a good source of extra income while having fun!

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