How to Make Money By Selling Used Panties Online on Kinkie?

Selling Used Panties Online

Despite all the kink-shaming that happens online and in real life, 84% of adults wish there was a little bit more kink in their sex lives. If you’re a bit of a freak between the sheets, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of- you’re just discovering new ways to have fun!

One common way that people like to spice up their solo or coupled sex lives is by adding used panties to the mix. After all, there’s almost nothing nearly as sexy as the idea that someone else has already had some naughty fun in the lingerie that you’re wearing, smelling, and loving. The only thing that compares is knowing that your used panties are being used by someone else out there!

If you’re interested in either side of this kink, selling used panties is an awesome way to have some fun and make some money. Here, we’re going to talk about how you can get started selling underwear on the safe, sexy platform that Kinkie has to offer!

Know the Benefits of Selling Used Panties

Before you can start setting up your Kinkie shop, it’s important that you know the benefits of sell underwear online. Getting a better understanding of this can help you figure out what you plan to get out of your used panty sales so that you can choose what aspects matter most to you. This will help you figure out how you should advertise and run your shop to maximize your sales and pleasure!

It’s Anonymous and Safe

While you may be worried about your privacy when selling used panties, our platform is 100% safe and secure. No information will be given out to users beyond what you choose actively to put on your profile. You also never will need to meet buyers in-person, which makes Kinkie completely safe and sane.

You Can Make Good Money

If you don’t believe that you can make good money selling used panties, think again. One UK woman made around £46,400 ($60,000) selling these items and many other people has similar stories.

That’s why used panty sales are the perfect way to supplement your income from your day job and get a little extra cash. Earning money and having fun from home is especially important with the quarantines and lockdowns in place right now, so this is a great way to get a little extra steady cash in your account!

It’s a Lot of Fun

With COVID lockdowns in place, it also is difficult to have naughty fun. Meeting Tinder dates for hookups is completely out of the question for most people. This is obviously a huge bummer, but selling (and buying) used panties online is a good alternative for the time being.

People have begun to get pretty creative with what they’re doing with panties too. Making and wearing naughty face masks has been one kinky and fun thing that people have begun to do in lockdown, so hop on this trend ASAP!

Sell used panties

Get Started on Knkie’s Secure Platform

To begin selling on Kinkie, you’ll need to purchase a membership package. Don’t worry- these packages are super cheap, and you’ll more than makeup for the money you spend seeing as we take £0 in commission!

We offer two subscription plans that you can choose from. First, our standard monthly subscription only costs £5 per month. This gives you access to 30 days of membership and allows you to upload 10 unique listings to our platform. These items will each be listed for 1 week or until purchase.

If you find that you love our platform as much as thousands of other kinksters do, you may prefer to get a VIP annual subscription. You have an entire year’s worth of access to your membership for £25. This saves you £35 that you would have spent purchasing 12 monthly subscriptions!

You can list as many items as you want for 14 days each when you purchase this package. You also can upload 5 photos to each listing rather than only 1. Additionally, some of your listings can be highlighted and shown to more potential buyers!

How to Sign Up for a Membership

Signing up for a membership with Kinkie couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need to do is enter some information including a username, password, and email address. This email will be displayed publically so that people can contact you, so you might want to create a newer and naughtier email address!

After that, you can enter your age, profession, and Twitter username. These aren’t required, but they can help you sell to interested buyers. If you’re one of the 70% of budding UK sex workers that have worked in healthcare, education, or charities, this will also help people interested in these areas feel a deeper connection to you. 

Finally, pay for your package, confirm that you’re a real human, and you’re ready to roll with setting up shop!

Set Up Your Seller Profile

Once you’ve subscribed for a Kinkie membership, it’s time to start having a little fun. Creating your seller bio and uploading images of what you have to offer is a simple process on our site. Still, it pays to put a bit of thought into your profile and choose the items you want to put out there carefully!

Create a Bio

The first thing you’ll want to do is to set up a bio on Kinkie. Upload a hot profile pic and give yourself a sexy-sounding name. From there, you can write a bit about yourself so that readers can learn a bit about who you are both on the streets and in the sheets.

Talk about your interests, body type, and include other fun things like your star sign and Myer-Brigg personality type. After that, you can start to talk about the items that you sell and why people might like to choose your products over other similar items.

Don’t forget to include the cool kinks and fetishes that you’re into! Remember that we’re all into freaky stuff here. There’s no shame in liking BDSM, role-play, or any other consensual sexual activity between adults. Putting this info on your profile will bring like-minded people to you!

If you want to know what a well-made profile looks like, here’s an example that you can follow. You obviously should make your profile your own- you’re unique, after all!- but looking at another seller who’s done a good job provides you with a starting point for what you should include.

Choose What to Sell

After that, you’re going to decide on what used panties you want to sell.

Consider the type of lingerie that you prefer and the best fit for your body type. These styles should probably be in your shop. You also may want to consider putting the panties you sell in ziplock bags (or even vacuum-sealed coatings) to keep the scent in. After all, that’s a really important part of what people are purchasing!

In addition to selling used panties, you may want to sell other pre-worn lingerie and apparel. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that people get matched underwear sets. You can also sell bras, stockings, sleepwear, socks, and more with Kinkie and get the most out of each transaction.

Decide on Other Services

Many people who sell with us also include other services in their shop. One of the most common ideas is including masturbation videos of you touching yourself in the exact pair of panties that you’re selling. This is the perfect way to give people the fantasy that they crave when they’re pleasuring themselves in your panties, too.

Note that you absolutely don’t need to show your face in these pictures or videos! A little mystery helps to keep the imagination active, after all.

Some people also choose to sell other services to kinkier customers. Feet pics, used sex toys, cum-stained bedsheets, and toenail clippings are just a few of the services that Kinkie users sell. This is especially awesome since these are totally free and anonymous to obtain and send!

Upload Product Photos

No matter what lingerie you choose to sell, you’ll want to upload product photos of your used panties uk in your shop. Make sure that you showcase your products to the ultimate advantage. If you’re an annual VIP member, this means uploading your 5 photos from different angles so that people can have a 360 view of your panties.

You also may want to upload images of yourself actually wearing the garments you’re selling. This lets potential buyers have a first peek at the sexy derriere that they’re about to form an intimate connection with.

Get Started

Now that you know why and how you can start selling used panties on Kinkie, it’s time to get started.

Contact us with any more questions that you might have about becoming a seller and putting your used panties, masturbation videos, and sexy pictures of what you do in those panties out into the world.

We’re committed to bringing consenting kinksters all around the UK (and the world) together to have a good time. We look forward to making this happen for you and helping you explore your wild side!

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