How to make money with Kinkie during a lockdown?

make money with kinkie during lockdown

Look, we will level with you, this is not an easy time for any of us, however, some of us are suffering more than others. If you’re not one of those who have found themselves in a position to keep their job, fear not, we have your covered.

If you have been considering getting yourself into the adult business but are not super keep on committing yourself to only fans or another non-anonymous platform then we can be the platform for you. Here at Kinkie, we already have one of the largest audiences of any used item site in the country, with thousands of visitors to our site every week (still growing) people who advertise on our site reap the benefits of only fans without having to promote it on their social platforms. This means you can reach out to an audience larger than you ever thought possible.

Photos, Videos and more

One of the fastest-growing markets in the UK is independent revenue for pornographic services. Whether people like it or not, the age of free porn is dying out and you can be at the forefront to capitalize and make some serious money. We already have sellers on our site that make enough money to give up their full-time job to focus on their onli9ne career and that could be you in a short couple of months

How to do it

Right, so the biggest misconception is that it is an easy task. If you want to be in the highest percentile of earners you have to make sure that your content matches. This doesn’t just mean that you’re posting the most revealing content or having to do things that you’re uncomfortable with. This simply means making sure that you are controlling your variables and optimising what you have. Firstly, it is critical that you have a camera that can take high-quality pictures. Any iPhone past the iPhone 7 should be sufficient as they have the dual-camera capabilities. Most cameras in modern smartphones have excellent video software also.

It is also important that you have something about your content that sets it apart from everyone else. This can be anything from a theme like a specific cosplay or maybe a certain niche like BDSM.

The final thing you will need to set yourself as an independent earner is to have a platform and where better to advertise your services than on Kinkie? We don’t even take a commission! Every single sale or business that comes your way is all yours. We will never try to interfere with your independence and encourage you to truly be yourself.

How to Promote yourself

Obviously one of the biggest benefits of using our service is that you have access to a huge user base straight away but if you really want to separate yourself from the competition then there are a number of things you can do to make sure your product takes off. Using your social media platforms can be a great way of implementing your personality on your service and a direct source to new audiences. The key is consistency and bringing something new that audiences might not have seen before. Make sure you demonstrate what makes your service identifiable.

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