How to promote your panty selling business on social media

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What is the most important marketing tool in a panty and underwear seller’s arsenal? Social media, of course! Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms are among the best tools to help you succeed at selling sexy items, sell worn pants, underwear but they have their own set of challenges.

For example, many social media platforms aren’t adult-friendly, and they won’t allow you to post nude photos and videos. Others may recommend your NSFW profile to family and friends, so you’ll need to pay extra attention to privacy settings. 

This guide provides some easy to follow tips to boost your social media presence and reach more buyers, while still maintaining your privacy. 

1. On Twitter, mark your account as NSFW

Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that tolerates sharing NSFW content to a certain extent. Only, you have to follow the rules, otherwise you could get banned from the platform and lose all your followers.

The first rule is marking all the media you post as potentially NSFW. Doing this is actually very easy: once you’ve logged in, select “Settings and privacy” > “Privacy and safety settings”. Then, check the box where it says “Mark media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive”. 

So, what happens when you check this box? People who already opted in to see sensitive content on Twitter will see your posts normally. People who didn’t opt in, instead, will see a message saying that your content is potentially sensitive on your account. 

Remember that Twitter uses automated technologies to determine whether content is NSFW or not. For this reason, if you don’t mark your media as potentially sensitive, the algorithms may do it for you. This is the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is that, if you’ve posted a live video and not marked it as sensitive, Twitter can decide to remove it.

On this popular social media platform, you can’t use explicit content as your profile pic and header image. Otherwise, you risk getting banned. 

2. Experiment with Sharesome

Sharesome is a new social media platform that is specifically targeted at cam models, but we found that it works very well for panties/underwear sellers as well. It has an interface that reminds of Twitter and it allows you to link to your Kinkie profile in your bio, helping you to drive new customers to it. 

To grow your profile fast, you can use Topics. Topics are a bit like the hashtags on Instagram: each one of them is about a certain type of content, like “lesbian”, “threesomes”, and so on. People can follow them to discover content related to that topic.

After you’ve followed the topic of your liking, you’ll be able to post content into it, so it will be visible to everyone else who follows said topic. Remember to always read carefully the rules of each topic before posting in it, to prevent the moderators from removing your content. Some topics require that your face is visible in the content, others do not.

Sharesome lets you schedule posts to save valuable time. In addition, the platform offers Flame Credits that you can use to promote your posts and, therefore, your panty selling business. Fans can tip you Flame Credits, so you can get some for free.

At the moment you can’t withdraw Flame Credits as real money, but the platform is working towards a solution, so that will very probably be an option in the future. 

3. Don’t miss out on Instagram traffic!

Yes, nudity is forbidden on Instagram, even if partial, and posting nude pics could result in you getting banned. Still, this widely popular social media site is a great option to drive traffic to your Kinkie profile and your other social media channels.

On Instagram, you can add only one link, to your bio. Most likely, you’ll want to add the link to your Kinkie profile in this space. When you want to promote your listings in a post, invite your followers to click the link in your bio. This will help driving traffic to your selling underwear business. You can also use the hashtag #linkinbio. 

After you’ll have reached 10.000 followers, you’ll be able to add a link to your stories as well. You’ll need to have a business profile. To turn your personal profile into a business profile, you just have to connect the Facebook page you use to promote your selling underwear business. 

Also, remember to add “18+” to your bio, so everyone will know that the link in your profile is NSFW. To promote your posts, it’s very important that you use hashtags: you can insert a maximum of 30 in every post. You can use popular hashtags such as #usedpanties, #usedpanties4sale, #usedmypanties, #usedpantiesforyou #sellunderwearonline #sellingunderwear #sellusedunderwearuk #sellmyunderwear or search the Internet for hashtag generating apps, which will search for the top trending hashtags for you.

4. Be super careful when using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) social media platforms out there, but it’s very important to keep in mind that it’s not adult-friendly. Posting full nudity and content that depicts sexual acts is not allowed, and there is another huge problem: the platform has sophisticated algorithms for suggesting friends, so many panty sellers’ adult-related profiles have been suggested as friends to real-life friends and family members. 

Therefore, if your family doesn’t know that you sell underwear online, and if you’re 100% sure that your coworkers and boss wouldn’t approve, we may suggest that you don’t use Facebook at all. 

If you really want to use Facebook to promote your used panties business, we recommend that you use a separate phone, not your private one where you store contacts of friends or family. Also, never use your personal Facebook profile to create an adult-related page. Create a new profile with your panty selling persona first, then you can create a page.

After you’ll have created a profile dedicated to your selling underwear persona, turn off face recognition and photo tagging on both your personal account and panties/underwear selling account, so Facebook won’t let people tag your adult photos with your real name.

5. Post regularly

panty selling on social media

When it comes to social media marketing, nothing is more effective than posting regularly. That’s why many social media platforms have algorithms that boost the visibility of users who post quality content regularly. On Instagram, you should post at least once per day. On Twitter, you’ll need to post more frequently, as the lifespan of a Tweet is much shorter than the one of an Instagram post. You should post at least five times a day, but it’s even better if you can manage more posts.

Posting so many times a day may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many apps out there that let you schedule posts on the social media platform of your choice, like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Crowdfire. If you want to schedule posts on Instagram, you can use Planoly, which is specifically targeted for the famous photo-sharing platform. 

6. Create a cohesive Instagram feed

When people scroll down your feed, you’ll want to make sure everything looks great. You can choose a colour palette for your Instagram feed and stick with it. Choose three to five colours that will dominate your feed, and use them consistently with your photos. 

You can also choose a particular theme to make your feed look cohesive. For example, you can only post black and white photos, or photos with a particular filter. Alternatively, you can choose to only post fetish-themed photos, accompanied by related hashtags. 

Apps like Preview allow you to rearrange your photos in the feed to ensure everything looks neat.

7. Interact with other users

The best way to gain more followers and, therefore, potential buyers is interacting with other users on the social media platforms of your choice. Never ignore comments, and take the time to follow back your followers and like some of their photos. Buyers want you to be yourself on social media, and to act friendly at all times. 

Another great way to increase your audience is by following other people in the adult industry.

like other panty sellers, cam models, and dominatrices, and commenting on their posts from time to time.

This way, your username will be visible in the comments, and other people interested in adult content will be able to see and follow your profile. 

Secondly, making strong friendships with other people in the industry is extremely rewarding, and it’s one of the best things about selling underwear online, aside from the money. You’ll have your own adult-related support group in no time!

On Instagram and Facebook, take advantage of Stories, which are an easy way to connect with your fans and entice them into buying something from you.

You can add a link to IGTV videos, to promote your listings on Kinkie, and a call to action, so potential buyers will certainly want to click it.

On Twitter, you can participate in adult-related chats to get your name out there and promote your products. 

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