How to protect your privacy as a panty seller

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We receive many questions from new panties sellers and aspiring ones about how to keep your private information safe when shipping your sexy goodies to buyers and conducting your business. This is an important topic, as no panties seller wants stranger buyers to discover her home address or other information that could be used to stalk or harass her!

Our sex-positive community is typically trustworthy and welcoming, but there will always be a few users who disrupt the fun for everyone else by doing something wrong.

So, here are 8 tips to stay anonymous at all times while selling and shipping your used lingerie!

1. When shipping your used garments, never use your real address as a return address!

The first step to stay anonymous as a panties seller is paying attention to your own privacy when you ship your goodies. 

First of all, never, ever put your real address as a return address! Instead, just put your panties seller nickname and a nearby city, not the one you live in.

Secondly, be careful when the post office accepts your envelope: the staff may stamp it with the post office’s location! For this reason, your best bet is always shipping from a couple towns away from your own. Make sure that you choose a town with a different post code area for more anonymity.

2. Use a mail forwarding service if you need to handle returns 

Many panties seller decide to not accept returns and make it very clear on their profiles on Kinkie and other sites. However, you might need to accept a return because of a particular situation: 

Mail forwarding services are not always cheap, but they’re a great way to avoid providing your home address as a return address when shipping used panties

Royal Mail offers a Redirection service for 3, 6, or 12 months (it’s actually targeted at people who are relocating, not panties seller of sexy stuff!) You have to sign up for the service at least five days before you want your mail to start getting forwarded to your home address. During sign up, you need to provide your name and date of birth.

Alternatively, you can use Postal Address, which gives you a real street address in London you can use as your own. The service allows you to use a business name to receive mail instead of your real name, for extra privacy. It also works internationally, if you need to receive your returns out of the UK.

You could also use Forward2Me, a very similar service that allows you to choose a British or German address. 

These services may come in very handy not only for returns, but also if you’re planning to accept gifts from your customers or creating a wishlist on Amazon and other websites, so your fans can purchase gifts for you.

3. Alternatively, open a PO Box

A PO box is another smart way to protect your privacy while handling returns or receiving gifts from your fans. Just make sure that you choose a PO box that lets you receive envelopes and parcels under your panties seller nickname, not your real name. Not all PO box services will allow you to do this, so you’ll have to do your research before choosing the best one for you.

Also, remember to tell the staff of your PO box service not to give out your personal information to anyone over the phone. It happens rarely, but some creeps online will try to find out your real name this way. Better to be safe than sorry!

Additionally, remember to choose a PO box in a nearby city, not the one where you live, possibly with a different zip code. 

Royal Mail offers a PO box service, and you can also choose other services, like Mail Boxes Etc. and Expost. 

used panties

4. Use a discreet packaging

Many guys who buy used panties are in a relationship with a wife or girlfriend who is completely unaware of their fetish for scented, used lingerie. For this reason, they need extreme discretion. Your best bet is a plain manila envelope, with plenty of bubble wrap to hide the sexy content of the packaging. Use plenty of tape to close it securely and make sure the envelope doesn’t accidentally open during transport.

If you really want extra privacy, you can use a small box, which can prevent the delivery people from feeling what’s inside. However, keep in mind that the box is bigger than an envelope, so you’ll likely pay more shipping fees.

In addition, if the customs declaration requires you to indicate the content of the packaging, you can write “clothing”. Avoid writing “underwear” or something else that may embarrass the client if they receive the envelope in front of family or friends. You can write your seller nickname on the envelope, so the buyer will know not to open it in front of his girlfriend!

Other than making sure that you packed your goods discreetly, you’ll need to take measures to ensure that the scent stays intact, especially if you need to ship to a location far away from your home. Many panties seller like to vacuum seal their panties to keep them as fresh as possible. Alternatively, you can use a smell-proof ziplock bag. Bonus points if you can find a black one, to protect the privacy of your buyer even further!

Last but not least, you can add a thank you card to make the buyer’s shopping experience even better.

5. Choose a shipping method which provides you a tracking number

Luckily, scammers are rare in the sex-positive community. However, from time to time, some buyers could try to scam you claiming that they didn’t receive your goods when, in fact, they have your sexy panties between their hands.

The solution is very easy: choose a tracked shipping method. The post office will provide you with a tracking number you can use to verify if the recipient has received your goods or not. 

Other buyers — luckily, very few — will try to claim the goods were in poor conditions. To prevent this, take photos of your sexy items before shipping them. This way, you’ll be able to demonstrate that his claims are false!

6. Only accept discreet (and adult-friendly) payment methods

Unfortunately, not all payment platforms are adult-friendly. For example PayPal, the giant of online payments, is known for shutting down the accounts of sex workers and other people who use the service for adult-related transactions.

Don’t risk losing your money because the platform of your choice is not adult-friendly and decided to shut down your account! In addition, platforms like PayPal accept chargebacks, which means that your customer may decide to get the money back after you’ve already received the payment.

One of the best adult-friendly payment processors out there is IndieBill. It protects you about chargebacks from your buyers and it only takes a 15% cut on your earnings, which is pretty competitive. Also, it won’t give out your information to anyone.

Another adult-friendly service is Paxum, which works in a very similar way as PayPal. You can send funds to your Mastercard or Visa card, or use Paxum’s prepaid card.

Lastly, there is Cosmo Payment, another adult-friendly service. The fees are fairly low and there are several options to access your funds.

7. Remove metadata from all your photos and videos

Did you know that photos, especially those taken with your smartphone, can contain your GPS location and other personal information? These bits of information are called “metadata” or “EXIF data”, and can be a real privacy issue for panties seller or other people who work in the adult industry.

Luckily, there are several easy ways to remove these unwanted data. If you have a Windows PC, all you need to do is right-clicking on the image and select “Properties”>”Details”>”Remove Properties or Personal Information”.

Alternatively, there are many online apps that let you remove EXIF data easily, and they don’t store your image nor your personal information.

Lastly, if you don’t want to take the time to do this, you can simply disable metadata in the settings of your smartphone or camera.

8. Do not ship anything before receiving payment

This may seem obvious, but it’s not, especially for newbies. Many buyers are trustworthy, but a small minority will try to scam you and take your used panties or other goods without paying for your time. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it other than getting paid in advance. 

After you’ll have built a strong relationship with some readers, you can ask them just for a deposit, and have them finish paying after they receive the item they ordered. However, it’s unadvisable that you ship anything without getting at least a deposit. For new buyers, it’s wise to always ask for the full payment in advance.

This applies even for customers who have special requests, like choosing the piece of lingerie you’ll be wearing. Have them buy the piece of lingerie for you first, then you’ll start wearing it according to their requests.

But the most important rule is to always trust your gut! If a certain situation feels off or you don’t feel like providing a certain bit of personal information, remember that you can always opt out.

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