How to Resolve Buyer and Seller Disputes?

Buyer & Seller Disputes

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many consumers in the UK now prefer to shop online. Now you’ll find numerous platforms where you can sell and buy different items online. You should take advantage of these websites to make money from the comfort of your house. 

It’s wise you learn various conflicts that may arise when selling or buying products online. The idea is to seek insights on how to avoid them. And if you can’t avoid, how to resolve them. 

Read more now to see how to resolve buyer and seller disputes

Review the Buyer and Seller Contract

Some of the conflicts arise due to not understanding the contract terms. If you’re the buyer, you may assume that the seller is wrong for not doing a specific function. The issue is that this function was not included in the contract. 

Before you act out and start accusing the seller, you should check the contract. For instance, if you are yet to receive the item, check the shipping terms. The contract will have provisions for dealing with the late shipment. 

As a seller, one of the disputes you may face is delays in getting your payment. It’s normal to think the worst about the buyer. However, the contract will offer stipulations on how long it’ll take to resolve buyer disputes. 

In some instances, the contract will have clauses that show how to deal with various disputes. The idea is to rely on these available solutions and stop troubling yourself by checking other options to resolve buyer disputes. 

Be Open-Minded and Flexible

You’ll need to know that you’re dealing with a human who is prone to err. Mistakes are therefore bound to happen. You may also have unrealistic expectations of the used item you’re ordering. 

Due to these issues, conflicts are bound to arise. One way to resolve them is to be understanding of the other’s situation.

Also, adjust your thinking when buying things online. Always be courteous and professional when dealing with a buyer. Know some buyers may be rude and extreme. You need to maintain control when communicating with potential buyers. 

Don’t Hide, Face the Buyer Disputes Head On

buyer and seller disputes

When you start selling products online, it’s easy to be afraid when confronted by a buyer. You may be reluctant to respond to a buyer’s problem. You’ll assume that if you ignore the problem, it’ll go away. 

The right approach is to face the matter directly and as soon as possible. Develop the habit of responding quickly to issues raised by buyers when you’re a seller. Don’t be shy to admit your mistakes. 

Facing conflicts directly on the face will help you build a positive rapport with buyers. You’ll develop a positive reputation which is essential to attracting new buyers. The strategy is to increase the sale of the used or new products you’re selling. 


One of the common buyer’s conflicts is due to non-disclosure of the full information. The buyer gets an item that does not meet his/her expectations. When this happens, you need to reach out to the seller as soon as possible. 

The idea is to raise your complaint about getting the wrong item. Check if the seller is willing to take back the item and replace it. Some sellers may offer a money return if you get the wrong product. 

You’ll aim to negotiate and see how you can best resolve the matter. Understand that a communication breakdown will only aggravate the conflict. Don’t rush to anger or assume that the seller is a scammer. 

Involve the Platform’s Support Team

Sometimes the buyer and the seller may fail to agree on how to best resolve the conflict. Each is accusing the other of acting in bad faith. They’ll fail to find common ground to discuss the problem. 

When this occurs, the next course of action is to seek the help of a neutral party. The idea is to have someone who’ll become a mediator in the conflict resolution process. The perfect mediator for online buying and selling is the supports staff of the website you are using. 

The idea is to involve an expert who better understands the buyer and seller contract. With the aid of this person, the buyer and the seller will explain the issue. The specialist will listen to both sides and recommend the best way to resolve the conflict. 

The goal of the support team is to help you reach a mutually acceptable settlement to resolve seller disputes. 

Some platforms don’t provide support to the buyers and sellers using them. The problem is that there no one to help you resolve disputes. If you are new to online buying or selling, you should avoid such websites. 

Use a Trackable Delivery Method

Some buyers may claim that they did not receive the items you shipped. You’ll need to search for a means for tracking your shipment. The idea is to get a notification once the items are received by the buyer.

The great thing is that you can get delivery tracking services for free from different providers. The objective is to ensure the smooth delivery of the products you’re selling. Having a trackable delivery method will help avoid numerous buyer and seller conflicts.

Know When to Cut Your Losses and Move On

As a seller, you’ll keep fighting to receive your payment. However, some buyers are adamant and unwilling to listen to your side. They’ll raise various arguments, all in attempts to refuse to pay you. 

Even after involving support, you still fail to get a resolution for the dispute. It’s a waste of time to keep arguing with a person who is unwilling to compromise. Instead of keeping arguing, you should give in and end the conflict. 

Use this lesson for other future transactions when selling used or new products on a given platform. Highlight the issues that lead to the conflict and how to manage them in the future. Also, learn how to screen potential buyers before shipping an item. 

Still Uncertain on How to Resolve Buyer and Seller Disputes?

Buying or selling online for the first time can be intimidating. As a seller, you’ll do your best to promote your products, so you will hope nothing goes wrong. Also, ensure you reveal all vital information to minimize misunderstanding and conflicts. 

Dealing with buyer and seller disputes is easy when you use the right online platform. Choose a website that’ll provide 24/7 support. Also, look for a popular website where you will sell your used or new products quickly.

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