How to Satisfy Your Sexual Desires by Buying Fetish Items?

Satisfy Your Sexual Desires by Buying Fetish Items

Are you experimental in the bedroom? If you really think you are, then how far do you push your sexual desires? For a real exploration, then you must consider the world of fetish. 

Fetish is a wide-ranging term, covering a range of individual kinks and things that turn people on.

Read on for our must-know guide on understanding and buying fetish items

How Fetishes Work

There are a number of theories as to why fetishes turn us on. Much of it is actually backed up by science and theory. 

One idea is the brain overlap theory. The part of your brain that manages sexual impulses sits alongside the parts of the brain that control our appendage movement and feeling.

This overlapping of signals explains why people have fetishes for quite non-sexual body parts. For example, some people may get turned on by having their ear tickled or develop foot fetishes. 

Another popular theory is pain theory. This is the concept that both pain and pleasure release many of the same chemicals and endorphins in the brain. When released, it forms connections creating individuals who become turned on by pain. 

One final theory to explain fetish uses the Pavlovian theory. This theory was used in an experiment to investigate sexual conditioning.

In the experiment, a group of men was shown pictures of naked women next to pictures of everyday objects. Once the pictures of women got taken away, the men started to associate everyday objects with sexual desires

Types of Fetish

There are a number of types of fetish. Many of them can be grouped into a wide range of subcategories. 

One of the most common is a humiliation fetish. This is when someone seeks humiliation to arouse a sexual response. The humiliation itself can take many different forms. 

Body part humiliation, cuckolding and watersports are all examples of humiliation. Humiliation can work both ways, with people seeking to humiliate or be humiliated. 

Another form of fetish is that of bodily pain. It involves procedures done to the body, such as slapping, crushing, asphyxiation and stretching. This can get extreme and eventually lead to permanent damage or changes to the body.

The final category of fetish is related to objects. This most closely aligns with the Pavlovian theory mentioned above, in which people get turned on by objects. This can be for clothing items likes boots or stockings, or items designed primarily for sex, such as whips, dildos and sex toys.

Buying Fetish Items

Buying Fetish Items

Buying fetish items can increase the excitement of sexual pleasure. They are inherently naughty and increase the sense of misbehaviour during sex. However, finding the right fetish item is a task in itself. 

Everyone has a preference for a different type of item. Some people may not even know what they like until they try it out. That means that to really find what gets you going, you should attempt a range of items. 


Some people like fetish items that could be classified as restraints. The loss of control, or being in control of someone, is what really turns them on. This can often involve total submission to the sexual partner. 

Blindfolds are a very mild form of restraint. In obscuring the vision, the recipient does not know what is going to come next. They are then left at the whim of the dominator. 

Collar, chains and chokers take this one step further. Not only are they restraints, but they tap into a primal thought that one person is a pet or animal. This can also be said of gags, which restrict the jaw and mouth cavity of a person until the dominator decides to relinquish control. 

Very simple but effective restraints involve rope and bondage tape. In fact, Japanese rope bondage is an actual art form. If combined with spreaders that shackle the person, but leave them exposed, total control is given up. 

Impact Toys

Impact toys are items used to punish an individual by administering pain. People use them to hit or spank an individual. Whips, canes, paddles and floggers all fall under the umbrella of an impact toy. 

Pleasure Toys

Pleasure toys are items used to apply pleasure to a person. They can be used on erogenous zones or anywhere else on the body. They may be used solo, in a pair, or group. 

Pleasure toys can include dildos and vibrators. They may also include stimulating items like cock rings and items used to tickle the body. 

Earn Money While Having Fun

Once you have found the items that let you have some fetish fun, you should consider making money from them. The online sex industry is booming, with people earning lots of money from the comfort of their own home. 

While this industry was once ruled by a set of people, digital technology has allowed this to go into the hands of the performer themselves. Webcam sites can put profit directly into your hands, with even the slightest fetish being able to find its niche audience.

You can sell your used panties, and people will buy used thongs or sex toys from you at high prices. This allows you to make a full-time living while you satisfy sexual desires, or supplement an income from other avenues. 

All you need is a fast laptop, a decent camera and good lighting set up. Once you have this, look online for websites to begin broadcasting and setting up profiles, then get started. 

Have Fun

When buying fetish items, the golden rule is to have fun. Enjoy yourself both alone and with your partner, then push it a little further. You may even find something new that makes you tick. 

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