Panties for Sale 101: How to Sell Your Used Panties?

Panties for Sale

Did you know that more people than ever are turning to sex to earn an extra income from home? People need money, and the internet has empowered them to earn as they wish. But do you know where to begin to panties for sale?

One idea is to sell your used clothing, but not just your cardigans and old jeans. Read on as we discuss how you can earn money by putting your used panties for sale online

How Big Is the Market?

The market is actually bigger than you may think. When you want to sell used panties, you no longer have to visit classified ads and magazines. Instead, you can use a safe and secure website that keeps your profile anonymous, should you wish. 

Of course, the market is relative to you as a person. If no one knows you, then you may earn a small side income when you sell used panties in the UK. However, if you already have a fanbase or combine it with a subscription site, you can expect the revenue to rocket upwards. 

So Where Should I Sell Them?

You can sell worn panties just about anywhere, even through your subscription site. However, you are selling to a niche audience. Not every member of your fanbase might want to buy them. 

Instead, you can use a designated platform such as Kinkie! Our visitors come here specifically to buy used underwear. With so many, you can be sure to sell a lot more than you would elsewhere. 

What if People Find Out?

The information you give away is entirely down to you. It can even be 100% anonymous if you wish. You have a profile and you can choose to put what you like on it, so no information is given away that you want to keep hidden. 

To enhance safety, you never have to meet the buyers. They don’t get your sender address or any personal details. 

How Much Will I Make?

This is a piece of string answer. As previously mentioned, public personas and fanbases may attract more customers. However, Kinkie has many people who come just to buy panties from people they don’t even know. 

When you sell worn panties, the going rate is between $20 to $40. However, elaborate sets or expensive underwear can go for as high as $100 plus.

used panties for sale

Choosing the Right Underwear

Try to get a mix of styles going. Some people prefer a day-to-day, well-worn look, while others may want higher-end panties. By varying your inventory, you will have a wider audience making more sales. 

However, do try to keep the pants interesting. Lacy items sell well, as do colorful, fun panties for sale. Even these can be bought relatively inexpensively, and are much more likely to sell than plain nylon ones. 

Once you have them, make sure they are well worn. People don’t want to buy panties you have just pulled out of the packet. They want to be able to know they have been a part of you for a while. 

This could involve wearing them for a day, doing activities like going to work, or going to the gym. You may even have some kinky fun in them before listing them for sale.

Photographing the Panties

Pictures are probably the only way, other than text, that you get to show your panties off. It is a way for you to make sure everyone knows these panties are more interesting than all the others on the site, so choose your pictures wisely. 

Make sure you get shots with good lighting. You may even look up some photography tips to help. If in doubt, always stand near a window so you have plenty of natural light in the shots. 

Ask someone to help you shoot some great poses. People want to see that they have been worn, so get some action shots of you moving around and doing your daily routine in them. 

After this, you can back the pictures up with a written description. Tell people what you have done while wearing them. Did you spend the day exercising or did you wear them in bed while having some alone time?

Have Fun!

As well as being able to earn money from home, selling used panties is fun! You can think of so many imaginative ways to sell them, take pictures, and get ahead of the competition. Should another lockdown come and you are confined to the house again, what else are you going to do with your spare time?

Selling on Kinkie

Kinkie is a great marketplace and panty-selling blog to start up. All you need is a membership pack. After this, all of your sales are commission-free.

Membership packs begin at £7 per month. For this, you can upload 10 unique listings and have 3 days’ access. If you want to save money, then you can get a whole year of access for just £45.

This bigger package lets you list as many items as you like. They will stay online for 14 days compared to the normal 7 that you get with the standard package. Each listing may have five photos added to it instead of the standard one, and may even be highlighted and promoted on the search page. 

Creating a Bio

A bio is another element you want to get right. If people are attracted to you, they will be attracted to your used panties. That means more sales. 

Tell the people about who you are and what you do. The more they think they know you, the more likely they will be to buy what you have on offer. 

Panties for Sale

Now you know how to put your panties for sale, what have you got to lose? All you need are panties and a little time, and you could be earning a side income. You may even have fun doing it. 

Kinkie should be your first stop for online panty selling. It is secure, safe, and easy to manage. Click here to start your journey and get rich today!

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