Selling Used Dirty Panties Online: Expert Tips on How to Keep a Buyer Hooked for Repeat Purchases

Selling Used Dirty Panties Online UK

Are you looking for a lucrative side for sell dirty panties hustle that doesn’t involve shilling weight loss shakes to your friends and family? Why not try a different and fun way of making money from home?

While many people might feel like it’s not a good option, becoming a seller of used dirty panties can actually net you a decent chunk of change if you know what you’re doing and establish a good clientele. 

Selling used dirty panties isn’t as easy as it looks, though. If it was, everyone would be rolling in money. More people fail than succeed, so you need to learn the ropes before you get started. 

If you think that being a seller of panties sounds good to you, we’re here to offer you some advice. Keep reading to learn some of our tips for selling panties and getting return customers on the internet. 

Be Professional 

Remember, first and foremost this is going to be a business transaction. You’re a business person now, and you need to act like one (to a point).

This shows up in several ways. First, you need to make sure that you always deliver the product that you promised. If people discover that you’re inconsistent, they won’t want to buy from you again. 

You also need to remember that you’re selling something that people want (regardless of whether or not you understand why that might be). Selling used dirty panties is still a business in its own way. 

Because you’re selling something that people want, make sure that you’re not goaded into under-selling or offering things that you don’t want to offer. If someone is being pushy with you, it might seem like the better idea is to acquiesce.

In reality, being firm about your product makes you more respectable and it will make it more special if you choose to include extra tidbits for return customers. 

Take Good Photos

One of the best ways to get and retain customers is by taking great photos to list online when you sell your used panties.

Different people use photos in different ways. You may be someone who sells their photos, or who likes to include them with every sale. Photos don’t actually have to be explicit as long as they show your item. 

High-quality photos are more appealing than blurry cellphone photos, so consider having a photography session by yourself or with a friend. It’s worth it. 

Create a Persona

When you sell your used dirty panties online, you’re also selling your personality (or at least the personality that you construct). This personality is part of what keeps people coming back for more. 

Decide early on how you want your customers to see you. Are you trying to be domineering, or submissive? Do you want a “cutesy” look, or are you into more intense styles? 

Once you create this persona, you’re going to want to stick with it. While a change every now and again is okay, your customers may be more into your product because of the persona that you’ve associated with it. 

Try out several potential personas on your own and see which one makes you feel the most comfortable. Have fun with it! 

Selling Used Dirty Panties Online

Be Responsive 

Part of running your own online business (which this is) is making sure that you’re responsive to all of your customers on your own. You don’t have the benefit of having someone else answer your emails.

When you get a message, try to respond within several hours. If you get an unkind message you can still respond, but you’re also free to block that person from purchasing from you. 

When you respond quickly, you make your customers feel more valued. They want to know that you’re listening to them. Some people might make special requests of you, so this is also a great opportunity to make some extra money.

Be Polite

It’s important that you’re polite when you interact with your customers. Your customers are still people, and they deserve the same respect when they buy dirty panties online as you do when you buy things from your favourite online shops. 

Remember that you should never talk to your customers like they’re strange for what they’re buying. After all, they’re paying you for your product, so you need to show appreciation! As long as they’re polite to you, make sure that you’re kind and polite in response.

Again, if someone is being mean to you, you have no obligation to serve them. 

There is one exception to the niceness rule. As we mentioned, developing a persona is a great way to keep your customers coming back for more. If your persona is dominant and sassy, feel free to get a bit more flexible with your interactions. 

Change It Up

If you want to keep people returning to you, try to change things up once in a while. You want to generate as much interest as possible, and if you’re selling the same sets time after time, people are going to get bored.

Think of new and unique ways to market yourself. You could try cosplay outfits or specific fetish sets. You can switch up backgrounds or poses for your photos. Do whatever you can to keep things interesting so your customers stay intrigued. 

Are You Ready to Be a Seller of Used Panties?

Becoming a successful seller of used panties isn’t hard, but it does require diligence and some marketing know-how. You need to market yourself, create a great persona, and take awesome photos if you want to lure in new customers and keep old ones.

Make sure that you’re interacting with your customers and staying consistent and you won’t have any trouble keeping people coming back for more.  

If this sounds like a fun money-making opportunity to you, why not try selling your used dirty panties on Kinkie? Sign up and start selling today!

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