Selling Your Panties: Which Panties are the Best to Sell this Summer Season?

Selling Your Panties

Selling your panties online is a fun, sexy, and easy way to earn some extra cash from home while on lockdown. With summer approaching, the temperature is rising, and we’re starting to sweat just a little more.

Want to learn how you can profit off this sexy summer heat? Keep reading to learn more about the hottest lingerie trends of the season that will be worth your wear!

Cotton Panties 

Cotton Panties

Cotton panties a classic when it comes to selling your panties. These panties are an excellent choice for both first-time and experienced buyers alike. First-time buyers love cotton panties because they’re a great way to sample all areas of someone’s used underwear.

Experienced buyers love cotton because of how well they stain and retain scents. Whip on a pair of fresh cotton panties and keep them on for multiple days, and you’ve got a product that will satisfy just about anyone on the hunt for used panties.

Cotton is also a great fabric choice for the summer heat. Cotton panties are both comfy and moisture-wicking. However, if your buyer is interested in wet panties, this may not be the fabric for them. Any moisture in cotton panties can easily spread throughout the underwear or evaporate.

Panties Worn During An Outdoor Workout

Buyers love the intoxicating scent of a woman, and what better way to generate as much moisture as possible than doing a fun workout outdoors? It’s summer, so with the temperature rising, more and more people are going out to get some exercise.

Whether it’s going out for a quick jog or doing outdoor yoga, you’re almost guaranteed to sweat. Why not hit two birds with one stone and get your exercise while making a profit from it? Panties worn during a workout are extremely popular on used panty marketplaces. 

It may not be so comfy at first, but try wearing a pair of underwear that isn’t so breathable. This ensures your scent and moisture are locked in and gives your buyer an even more fantastic experience. Also, note that the wetter the panties and the more scent they have on them, the more you can charge.

Silk Panties 

Silk Panties

Silk panties look sexy and feel luxe. Buyers love silk because they love imagining the ways these knickers rub against a seller’s body and how it captures the vivid scent of her body. Silk is one of the most popular fabrics for used panties for sale because it exudes femininity.

Silk panties are also great at retaining stains and locking in scents if worn for an extended amount of time. Buyers love silk for this very reason; it captures the aroma from a woman’s most intimate and sacred areas. Soft and sexy, add a pair of silk panties when you sell worn panties online and watch your inbox go crazy!

Satin Panties 

The beauty of satin panties is that they feel just as luxe and sexy as silk, but at a fraction of the price. Satin not only looks great, but they produce wetter knickers. Since satin isn’t as breathable as, let’s say, cotton, for example, they induce more moisture and sweat in your nether regions. If you have buyers that are into moist panties, satin is a great go-to fabric.

The accumulated moisture is an experience many buyers seek. Even better, the fabric retains wetness and stains for a more extended period.

Sheer & Lace Panties

Sheer & Lace Panties

Buyers go crazy sheer and lace panties all year round. The idea of a beautiful woman wearing a thin and transparent piece of material can make just about any man go mad. 

Sheer and lace panties are a great visual option when selling panties, the same way silk is excellent for the sense of touch. Lace thongs are a popular option because of how intimate they are. 


Many sellers forget that not only can you sell panties, but you can also sell other intimate articles of clothing. This summer, try selling a sexy nighty. Nighties exude femininity and are perfect to wear during hot summer nights. Nighties are sexy and erotic while also great at keeping your body feeling fresh.

When listing your nighty for sale, be sure to be as descriptive as possible while also selling an enticing story. Talk about how the fabric felt on your skin, what you did while wearing it, and overall channel your inner E.L. James.

Bikini Bottoms

Bikini Bottoms

Nothing screams summer more than a sexy bikini. Bikini bottoms are a great summer addition to add to your listings. When you sell used panties, remember that panties aren’t the only thing potential buyers are interested in.

Opt for a cheeky and sexy pair and wear them while you’re out tanning or wear them the same way you would regular panties. Bikini bottoms are more niche than other types of used panties for sale, so feel free to charge more. Just as with the nighty, be sure to sell an enticing story when listing your used bikini bottoms. 

Selling Used Panties: Summer Favorites

Selling used panties online is a fun, sexy, and easy way to earn some extra cash from home while on lockdown. On that note, selling your panties would still be a fabulous way to make some money even when lockdown ends.

We hope you enjoyed our post on the hottest lingerie trends of the season. Will you be selling your panties this summer? Why not get started now?

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