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Interactive sex toys are truly helpful to make your sexting sessions more enjoyable. They allow a client to control the vibrator from anywhere, over the Internet, so he’ll be able to make you gasp with pleasure as he likes. This way, the sexting session will arouse your clients more than ever before!

Discover the best smartphone-controlled toys and get more returning customers!

1. Lovense Lush 2

This vibrating love egg is the favorite of cam models and pornstars because it can be controlled anonymously by a fan over the Internet. Quiet and discreet, it has a powerful motor for optimal stimulation of you sweet spots, which doesn’t hurt: after all, you’re not here just to earn money, but also to have fun!

The previous version of the toy, called Lush, the first vibrator ever to be controlled with Apple Watch. In comparison with its predecessor, Lush 2 has a redesigned antenna, for better connection with your smartphone, and a bigger motor for extra power and more battery life.

In fact, the battery can last for 2.5 to 3 hours of continuous use, which makes for a pretty long sexting session! You won’t even have to worry about excessive moisture, because the Lush 2 is fully waterproof. You can even play with it under the shower if that’s your thing!

ush 2 offers many connectivity options: it works with Android and iOS phones with Bluetooth 4.0, Mac computers with Bluetooth 4.0 and Windows computers. To make it work with a Windows computer, you’ll need a special Bluetooth dongle, sold directly by Lovense.

With the Lovense Connect app, you can easily have a client control your sex toys for sexting. Just download it on your smartphone or PC. After downloading the app, you can generate a link and send it to your client. By clicking on the link, your buyer will see a control panel on his screen and will be able to control your toy while you sext with him.

Lovense’s official website also allows you to create a wishlist, so your client can purchase the toy for you and you won’t have to shell out cash to improve your sexting business.

2. Rave by We-Vibe

This sensual purple vibrator can be connected to the We-Connect and Feel Connect app, so your clients can control the vibrations from anywhere. Its asymmetrical shape has been specifically created to satisfy the female G-spot: the curve of the shaft lets you reach your pleasure spot effortlessly, and the ergonomic handle is easy to hold.

You can also use one of the edges of the toy for external stimulation of the clitoris. The Rave is entirely made from body-safe silicone and it’s extremely soft to the touch.

The We-Connect app is mostly targeted at long-distance couples, but you can certainly use it with a client who buys one of your sexting sessions. You just have to pair the sex toys to your smartphone over Bluetooth, then send an invite to the client to connect with you.

The app offers many different options for your client to control the vibrations. With the Touch Mode, he can change the vibration intensity with just a tap on the screen, while in Beat Mode your toy will vibrate in sync with his favorite music.

He can draw a custom vibration pattern for you, choose one of the preset ones or even create a vibration playlist for you. In addition, the We-Connect app lets you chat over text, voice and video. This way, you can arrange a paid sexting session without having to provide your phone number. 

The Feel Connect app is mostly targeted at cam models and it allows them to set up interactive shows, where the toy vibrates based on how much the client tips. However, you can use it for your sexting sessions as well. If you client has a compatible male masturbator, you can connect your toy to his own, and live out a virtual sex session. His toy will react to the vibration level of your Rave vibrator, and vice versa.

3. OhMiBod Fuse

This Bluetooth-enabled rabbit vibrator is another great toy to spice up your sexting sessions. With its dual motor, it can satisfy both your clitoris and G-spot, and it’s made fromm body-safe materials. 

The Fuse is also great for naughty videos, since it has LED lights that flash in sync with the vibrations. This offers to your client excellent visual feedback about the sensations you’re feeling. You can send a short video during your sexting session, to make it more exciting, or sell your videos as a standalone to make more money. 

This innovative toy features sensors that allow the vibrating motor to react to the movement of our vaginal muscles. This feature is also useful for long-distance sex: if your client has a compatible male masturbator, his toy will vibrate in sync with the movements of your vaginal muscles around the Fuse. Sounds exciting, right?

This vibrator is compatible with the Feel Connect app. 

4. Vibease

sex toys for sexting

Vibease is a wearable vibrator, so you can easily slide it in your favorite pair of panties. It features a contoured tip, which has a shape specifically designed for optimal clitoral stimulation. If you tend to enjoy external stimulation more than penetration (like many women do), it may be the right toy for you!

It’s also hands-free, so you can use your hands to type on your cell phone instead of having to hold the toy. Its dedicated app, compatible with both Android and iOS, allows you to chat with your client over text, voice and video chat. The photos you send over the app are encrypted in a secure way, so you won’t have to worry too much about hackers accessing your nudes. 

In addition, the client can control the vibrations with an easy to use interface. Lastly, the Vibease app has a huge library of erotic audiobooks, and the best part is that the used sex toys can vibrate in sync with the audiobooks themselves! This way, you can use the vibrator for your personal enjoyment as well, not just for paid sexting sessions.

5. Magic Motion Eidolon

This cute toy has an original shape that works well for both internal and external stimulation. After you’ve inserted it into your vagina, part of the toy stays outside and stimulates the clitoris, leading to strong orgasms. The main shaft, which sits inside the vagina, has been designed to stimulate effectively the G-spot, and it features grooves for extra pleasure.

Additionally, the “ears” at the top of the vibrator offer precise stimulation where you need it the most: on the clitoris. The toy has two powerful motors: one in the ears and one in the main shaft. 

The Eidolon works with the Magic Motion app, which is pretty similar to the other ones we’ve talked about. You just need to invite your partner: you’ll receive a code you can send him, so he can control your sex toys. He can also control the ears separately, for increased versatility. 

Unlike the other apps we’ve previously mentioned, which are mainly intended for partner play. The Magic Motion app also has a Kegel training feature, so you can use it to perform a workout that strengthens the pelvic floor, improving your sexual pleasure. Kegel training is particularly useful for women who recently gave birth or experience difficulty achieving orgasms. 

The Eidolon has been designed to stay inside the vagina for extended amounts of time, so you can wear it and then run your errands or go for a walk. No one will notice it!

6. Vibratissimo Rambo

This mini vibrator has many ribs for a pleasant stimulation of the vaginal walls. The tip is slightly curved, which makes for a great G-spot stimulation, and you can use it to stimulate the clitoris externally as well. 

The Rambo comes in soft body-safe silicone and it features a powerful motor. The toy is splashproof, meaning that you can’t fully submerge it into water, but it resists spills and splashes of water.

Most importantly, this tiny vibrator is compatible with the Vibratissimo app, which provides many features to have fun with a sexting partner. The app offers two ways to connect with a buyer: you can have him install the app, create a profile, then add him as a friend, or you can simply send him a link to control your toy over email or text message.

Because of this, playing with Rambo doesn’t require your client to have the app installed. This comes in very handy when your buyer doesn’t want to install an app on his phone, or doesn’t have a compatible device.

The Vibratissimo app also lets you download many vibration patterns for the Rambo and has an in-app chat feature, so you can interact with your client over message, voice or video. Thanks to the “Vibrating Smartphone” feature, you client will feel the same vibration pattern he has chosen four your toy on his phone, for a nice tactile feedback. You can let your client control up to three toys from Vibratissimo. 

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