The real reasons why it’s actually a good idea to sell (or buy!) used panties

used panties for sale

Curious about the used panties industry, whether as a buyer or a seller? Well, you’re not the only one. This fetish is one of the most popular all around the world, and the Internet made it even easier and more anonymous to indulge in it.

This guide explores the reasons why it may actually be a good idea to start selling your used underwear, or purchase some extremely personal items from a stranger. Keep reading!

Why should I sell my used panties?

The main reason why a woman decides to sell her used panty, obviously, is the need for extra income. But let’s try to ignore money for a moment.

Selling panties may be an empowering and liberating experience. After setting up your account on a site like Kinkie, you’ll soon realize that, regardless of your body shape and size, thousands of men are eager to learn more about you, see photos of you wearing sexy panties and smell the unique scent of your vulva.

Many sellers here at Kinkie tell us that they felt insecure and unattractive before signing up, but their confidence skyrocketed after making their first few sales. Every woman likes to be admired by many men, and selling panties is a safe, anonymous way to achieve this goal.

Other sellers report that joining the fetish felt sexually empowering. Unfortunately, we live in a society where female sexuality is still seen as a taboo. Women are compelled to avoid talking about sex in public, and sometimes to act as if they didn’t enjoy certain fetishes or sexual acts.

Luckily, on websites dedicated to buying and selling used panties, the community is very sex-positive. You’ll meet many open-minded buyers and fellow sellers, and you’ll be able to be yourself without getting labeled as a slut. Actually, most buyers truly admire girls who take the time to post listings for their used underwear online and share their precious scent with strangers from all around the world.

Some women who sell underwear say that being in the business makes them feel like they’re in control of their own body again. Of course, women are highly-sexualized in our society, but you don’t have to let men exploit you and your body. You have the opportunity to make money out of your attractiveness, youthfulness and sexuality. 

Remember that selling panties is not your only option, as you can pair your underwear with naughty videos, nude photos, sexting sessions and whatever sexual fantasy you may have. The more creative you’ll get with your sexuality, the more men will appreciate you.

Unlike sex work, selling used panties is a way for you to unleash your sexuality without exposing your privacy. Some sellers choose to show their faces in their profile photo, but you don’t have to. You have full control of your personal information: for example, you can choose not to share where you live and your real name. 

Selling used underwear is not easy money as the internet wants you to believe, but it’s still a great income source, especially for women who can’t commit to a full-time job because of school or family obligations. You’re free to choose your own work hours, so you can arrange your work schedule to fit lessons, taking care of your children and daily errands.

Sellers who put in the effort to create a meaningful profile, interact regularly with buyers and fulfil their requests can make a good amount of money and make themselves more financially independent. And we all know that financial independence is of paramount importance for ladies. Women who have their own income can leave an abusive relationship more easily, and won’t have to struggle financially in case of divorce. 

Whether you want to earn some extra money or need a full-time income, on dedicated platforms like Kinkie you’ll find an almost endless pool of potential buyers. After all, sex always sells, right? We do our best to put you into contact with hundreds of men interested in purchasing your naughty items. The rest, i.e., creating an engaging profile and being authentic to your customers, is up to you!

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Why is it so sexy to buy a stranger’s used underwear?

There’s actually a scientific reason why smelling used panties is so sexy. Vaginal secretions contain copulins, a chemical substance that acts similarly to pheromones. 

Some studies found out that copulins cause a sudden, dramatic increase of the testosterone levels in a man’s body, causing his libido to skyrocket. Others suggested that this precious chemical boosts a guy’s sexual confidence. In any case, this is the reason why women buy on the Internet perfumes that contain synthetic replicas of natural copulins ⁠— even if it’s not yet 100% sure whether these synthetic substances are truly effective at turning men on or not.

However, there are many other aspects of this widely popular fetish that attract men. For example, did you know that most sniffers have a favourite panty style?

Some like Lolita-style knickers, with their sexy innocence, while others prefer lacy, seductive Brazilian thongs. Whatever your personal preference, panties convey sexiness and femininity. 

Lastly, the interaction with the seller plays an important role as well. Men like to get to know a woman better before deciding to buy her used panties, and maybe to flirt a little with her. Many sellers like to tell the buyer the “story” of their used panties, i.e., how long they’ve been owning them, if they masturbated or came in them, and so on.

They’re always happy to negotiate the amount of time the used panties will be worn before being shipped to the buyer. If you’re into seeing a woman masturbate while she wears the panties, most sellers will gladly agree to craft sexy videos and pics for you. 

If you take a look at the “Naughty Extras” section on Kinkie, you’ll realize that this fetish involves much more than selling panties: ladies offer sexting sessions, virtual girlfriend experiences, and any other thing you can possibly think of. After all, what gets most buyers off is smelling the panties of someone they’re attracted to. If you didn’t truly have the chance to develop an attraction for the seller, the pair of panties may lose its unique appeal. 

Remember that a girl gets aroused from you enjoying her used panties, just like you do when sniffing her unique scent!

In addition, remember that it’s not all about panties. Sure, knickers and used thongs are on the top list of desired items, but girls also sell full lingerie sets, teddies, bodysuits, sportswear, and sex toys. 

If you’re into the foot worship fetish, which is very popular, you’ll likely find many girls who are into BDSM and will be happy to let you become their slave with their used worn stockings, tights, heels, and boots. If you dream of smelling the fresh sweat of a sporty, fit girl after her workout, you can purchase sportswear from many underwear sellers. Lastly, many girls will be happy to share their used sex toys with you. 

You’ll find used underwear sellers from all walks of life. Sure, there are cam models who like to make extra cash by selling the expensive underwear they used during a show. However, most sellers are just regular girls you could meet in your day-to-day life. 

On inclusive platforms like Kinkie, men, transgender people, and cross-dressers are also welcome to sell their used panties, lingerie and whatever else tickles their fancy. This way, everyone will find what they’re longing for, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

With over 1,000 items for sale at any given moment, we can provide you with a wide choice of panties and extras to fulfil all your sexual fantasies.  

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When did the used panty trend become so popular?

In the 1990s, Japanese people invented a new sex-related business: the burusera shops. Originally, these shops sold used school uniforms and underwear from local high-school girls to men who used the items for sexual arousal. The items were accompanied with photos of the girls wearing them.

Obviously, this was a decent opportunity for many girls to make some money while in high school. Sometimes, they had to remove their panties right in front of the store owner, to prove the “authenticity” of their used item.

With the booming popularity of vending machines in Japan, burusera businesses became even more anonymous. Shy panty sniffers didn’t have to deal with store clerks anymore, but they could get their desired items right from vending machines or gachapon machines — you know, these automatic devices that sell toys inside plastic balls.  

Today, the trade for used panties has moved online. If you ever go to Japan, beware of gachapon machines that promise authentic schoolgirl panties. Because of local regulations, today they only sell unworn items that undergo artificial treatments to look as if they were soiled with a girl’s juice. 

Still curious? See what this is all about: join Kinkie as a seller or buyer, based on your needs! Sellers can sign up here, while buyers can browse the website without the need to register.

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