Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start Selling Your Used Panties and Thongs

Selling Your Used Panties and Thongs

When you’re starting to sell used panties, it can be exciting and bewildering. You can earn a reasonable amount of money by just wearing underwear and selling it. With some panty sellers making up to £500 a week. This could be a good way of making money during the lockdown.

But before you slip into the fun, sexy, and lucrative world of selling panties online, there are some things you’ll need to understand. We all make mistakes, but if you can learn from other people’s mistakes it will mean that you’ll start seeing a better return on your worn lingerie. 

So, before you get your knickers in a twist, it’s important to understand how to sell used thongs without making mistakes that could dampen the experience for yourself. 

In this post, we’ll look at some of the mistakes you should avoid when you sell worn pants or thongs online. 

1. Don’t Sell Used Panties at Too Low a Price

It can be easy to assume that because you’re selling used panties that it’s just a bit of fun and that you shouldn’t be asking too much for them. Another false assumption might be that you’ll sell more panties if the price is low.

Both of these assumptions could leave you short-changing yourself. 

You should consider the full value of what you’re selling and price your used panties accordingly. 

You should also consider that listing your worn panties at too low a price will make you look desperate. This can put buyers off. 

Genuine buyers know that they’ll need to pay the going rate for your used underwear. 

Of course, there will be buyers out there that will pay the lower rates for your used panties, however, you’ll need to maybe sell two or three times the amount of panties as you would have usually. 

Selling your panties at too low a price is a false economy. 

Think about what goes into selling your used panties. Firstly is the cost of the underwear in the first place. Then you need to factor in the time that you’ll spend wearing them, taking photos in them, listing them, and posting them. 

You also may opt to masturbate or work out in your pants to earn some extra money from them.

Then you need to think about your seller’s fees on whichever platform you use as well as the postage costs. 

All of these things add up, and you need to make sure that you’re making a good profit when you sell used thongs. 

2. Don’t Use Low-Quality Images

The quality of your image is important if you want to sell panties online in the UK. If you don’t have a great camera on your smartphone, invest in a reasonable quality digital camera that you can use for taking great shots. 

You’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Don’t just take the same photos as everyone else. Let your creative juices flow and make sure your images are a little bit different. 

You’ll want to take clear photos of the lingerie for your listing, but you’ll need some sexy shots with you wearing them. If you can get someone else to take these pictures, do so. Otherwise, really master the craft of taking the sexy selfie. 

3. Don’t Wear an Item Until You’ve Been Paid

Many used panty sellers make the mistake of wearing their lingerie before they’ve been paid. While on the whole, most buyers are genuine, there are some scammers and timewasters out there that seem to get a kick by getting you to wear something they have no intention of buying. 

Some people may demand photos of you wearing them before they’ll pay. 

Once the money has hit your account, by all means, get those panties straight on and start wearing them. Take photos for your buyer and do everything you’ve agreed to.

If someone doesn’t respect your right to be paid before you start wearing the panties, the chances are they’re not a genuine buyer and they’ll just waste your time.

4. Not Being Open-Minded 

When you start selling panties you may be entering a whole new world. If you’ve never dipped your toes into the world of fetish and kink, you may be surprised what kinds of things people are into. 

For instance, some buyers may love it if you wear your panties to the gym and get them nice and sweaty. Others may like you to pee in them. 

It is essential to keep an open mind about people’s fetishes. 

If it’s something you’ve never tried before, you may want to consider trying it and adding to your niche. It could prove to be a lucrative fetish to tap into. 

If it’s something you’re not interested in doing for them, think about why you’re not into it before politely declining it. 

5. Not Having a Backstory 

There are lots of people out there selling used panties online. At times, the competition can be tough. 

Having a backstory will help you sell your used panties. 

Think about creating a fantasy that your buyers can get into. Are you single or in a relationship? What are your particular kinks and fetishes? 

Sharing some of your own sexual interests will pique the interest of your buyers. 

Where Can I Sell My Used Panties?

If you’re looking for somewhere to sell used panties, Kinkie makes it easy to do just this. You can have a profile from which to sell your used panties and other products and you can start listing items in no time at all. 

Before you list your used thongs for sale, be sure and check out the Kinkie FAQ so that you’re fully clued-up about selling your panties online.

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