Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Underwear


Buying used underwear is one of the world’s most popular fetishes, and as a result, a huge underground industry has sprung up to accommodate the huge number of men (and women!) who adore getting off to the smell of a pair of filthy panties.

To those who are not in the know, this might sound a little bizarre. After all, not everyone sees the appeal of used underwear, and there are even some that associate selling your used panties with sex work.

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Selling underwear you no longer use could be a great way of earning extra cash

However, here at Kinkie we firmly believe that selling your used panties online is one of the most beneficial things that a woman can do, for a number of reasons. You will be amazed at how your self-esteem, confidence, and bank account will grow, even after just a handful of sales.
We present five clear benefits of selling used underwear online.

5: Selling Your Used Panties Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

It is a common misconception that selling your dirty panties will make you feel dirty yourself. This is simply untrue, and the ironic thing is that the complete opposite is true. You will be amazed at how liberating selling your used underwear online can actually be. When you sell someone a used pair of panties or a used thong, you know that your customer will appreciate the product immensely – that’s quite a thrilling feeling, especially since the product you are selling is totally unique to you. Some women even find it arousing that other people, complete strangers, are getting off to their smelly underwear. You might feel nervous about your first sale, but that is only natural, and you will soon discover that making money from your used panties, with very little effort required, is both exciting and liberating.

4: To Your Buyers It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

This follows on from the previous point, in that when you sell my used underwear online, your customers only care about the quality of their merchandise, whether they want skidmarks, a sweet musk, or a crusty finish. The point is that, unlike selling photos or videos online, who you are and what you look like is not a concern. Selling worn panties online is a business venture that any woman can partake in, regardless of age, race, weight, or physical appearance. The same is true of selling used sex toys online, as the only requirement is that the item is used for its purpose. People who buy used underwear online want the fresh aroma – the filthier the better – and if you are willing to provide them with it, they will appreciate it immensely.

3: You Are Helping People Out and Your Buyers Will Appreciate You

As previously mentioned, buying used underwear online is one of the world’s most popular fetishes, but that doesn’t mean that it is a habit that men are likely to share. Although it is an honest business that can make women money quickly and easily, there is still a significant societal stigma associated with buying used underwear.

One only needs to gauge the reaction in the Western world to the notion of Japanese vending machines distributing used underwear to get an idea of what the ‘accepted opinion’ on this fetish is. But that is no reason to shy away from it – if anything, that means that your buyers will be even more grateful to you! The best part is, you can potentially maximize your profits by catering to more niche buyers – you can sell everything from your used hosiery to your used bustiers, basques, and corsets, as there is a huge market for specific types of used underwear sets.

2: It’s Easy and Completely Safe to Sell Used Underwear Here at Kinkie

Here at Kinkie, we value the security and safety of our clients above all else, and it is understandable that the idea of selling underwear to strangers on the internet raises red flags for some. However, like any online transaction, provided that the proper precautions are met, Kinkie is a risk-free way to make extra cash quickly and easily

You do not need to show your face or your body if you do not want to, and you can accept payments via PayPal or any payment method that you choose. It isn’t just panties that your potential customers will be interested in either – there is also a huge market for selling used socks online, which can be a convenient entry point for potential sellers. A clear benefit of using Kinkie to sell your merchandise is that our site is easy to use both for sellers and buyers, meaning that you can start making money quickly and your customers will be more than satisfied.

1: Selling Your Used Underwear Can Make You Money – Fast.

This is probably the most obvious benefit, but it is also the most important. Selling your used underwear online can make you a lot of extra cash, and due to the stigma associated with this trade, the number of buyers far outstrips the number of sellers. This means that if you do choose to sell your used panties online, you will find that there will be no shortage of people looking to give you their cash in exchange for your smelly panties.

This is essentially an untapped goldmine, a huge market of demand that needs suppliers – from a business perspective, this is an incredible opportunity. The best part is, there are so many ways to make money from selling used underwear – why stop at panties? You can sell your used bras online and many experienced sellers find new and creative ways to entice new buyers, from goodie bags to lucky dips.

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