Top 6 Marketing Strategies That Make Selling Your Used Lingerie Online Easy on Kinkie

Selling Your Used Lingerie Online

Selling used lingerie may seem taboo, but it’s a lucrative business.

Just as with any business, there’s an art to marketing your product. Only in this business, your product is your used, unwashed panties. There’s also a high demand for this unique product, so if you’re not selling underwear—you’re missing out!

With our top used lingerie selling tips, you’ll be able to corner your fair share of this kinky market in no time. Read on to learn more. 

Why Sell Used Lingerie?

If the idea of selling your used lingerie online to total strangers makes you blush, you should know that it’s perfectly acceptable to profit off fetish items. After all, the porn industry does it—and then some. Of course, when selling a used lingerie set, you won’t have to perform any sexual acts on camera.

Aside from having the advantage of total anonymity, by selling your own lingerie, not only do you get to work from home, but you get to share in an already lucrative market. There’s also very little need for financial investment since you can start by using the items you already have in your drawers or closet. 

You may not make loads of money each month like some sellers, but a few hundred extra pounds in your pocket is a pretty good deal for not having to do too much. Plus, it’s a rather empowering and liberating experience.

Why Would Anyone Buy Used Panties Online?     

Let’s cut the stigma of sniffing panties down the middle, shall we?

Society has long pressured and shamed women into being perfect little playthings that are well-groomed at all times. We’re not supposed to expose our naturalness, and we’re expected to be innocent and sexually deviant at the same time.

We’re also not supposed to smell.

In fact, there are tons of products on the market serving to prevent or mask our natural musk. However, our natural musk is what ignites a man’s passion in the first place. Scientifically speaking, our vaginal secretions produce chemical copulins, which act similarly to pheromones.     

On a primitive level, our copulins cause a man’s testosterone levels to spike. Therefore the act of sniffing panties isn’t kinky at all—it’s natural. It’s everything else involved in the used panty-buying journey that makes it “kinky.”

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Top Marketing Strategies for Used Lingerie

As we’ve mentioned, the used lingerie selling business is an already lucrative one. In fact, it’s somewhat oversaturated, but not to a fault. That musk that men crave won’t live forever on a single pair of used panties and it’s man’s biological need for said musk is what makes for a repeat customer. 

However, there’s still plenty of competition to contend with, which is why you need to find a way to separate yourself from the rest of the used panty-selling pack. Here are some top marketing strategies to turn that cute lingerie set into a serious profit: 

1. Identify Your Target Customers

The backbone of any decent marketing campaign is knowing your target audience and understanding their needs. Selling your used panties isn’t as simple as wearing them for a day and posting a photo of them with a price tag. Men need a little bit more than that.

This means learning through communicating with your customers and taking into consideration their preferences. Some prefer that your panties have been worn for days on end, while others prefer lace over boyshorts. Once you’re able to tap into these desires, you’ll start getting notoriety and repeat customers. 

2. Show Some Personality

Your customers aren’t just buying your panties. They’re also buying into a fantasy.

You’ll have to create a profile and provide descriptions of each product. You’ll also be chatting with your customers regularly, so it’s a good idea to create a persona that complements your selling style.

Overall, you’ll want to keep things professional. But it’s just as important to come across as desirable, unique, sexy, friendly—you get the idea. It’s all in the story you tell and the language you use. 

Think of it this way: Victoria’s Secret didn’t become a multi-million dollar business because their lingerie was magical or anything all that special. It was because the models who wore the lingerie sold a fantasy. So, sell your customers a fantasy.

3. Get Your Panties Nice and Juicy

Don’t sell weak panties. Wear each pair you plan to sell for a select number of days each so that they’ll always have the same level of musk. Once you’ve marketed your distinct scent, you’ll have repeat customers coming back for more. 

You’ll be able to price your panties higher if you wear them for longer. You’ll also likely get requests to wear panties for a certain length of time beyond your typical minimum. This is where you can really capitalize—but it all starts with ensuring your first few sales are nice and musky.

4. Offer Competitive Pricing

While some customers are new to the used linger-buying market and willing to shell out a few hundred pounds for their first time purchase, it’s a rare occurrence. This business depends on repeat customers more than anything else, so you want to price your used lingerie set competitively and fairly.

Scope out the rest of the market and see how the others are pricing their inventory. Set your used lingerie prices within the same range, and remember that you can make special offers and negotiate certain items.   

5. Be Open-Minded

If you want to boost your sales in the used lingerie-selling business, you’ll have to keep an open mind. After all, it’s a sexual niche business, and you will get asked for a variety of things.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • Regularly to excessively worn panties
  • “playtime” panties that you’ve worn while masturbating
  • Workout panties—the dirtier, the better
  • “Creampie” panties, which revolves around the cuckold fantasy and sell for higher prices 
  • Extra photos or video clips of the panties being worn

Remember, if you’re uncomfortable with certain things, it’s okay to say no.    

6. Offer a Variety

Some like lace, while others want something more innocent-looking. Be sure to offer a little bit of everything in your inventory to appeal to a wide audience.

That includes complete used lingerie sets. There’s nothing like stockings and a bra with your natural scent to complement your musk and complete their fantasy. 

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Sell Your Used Lingerie Online

Selling used lingerie is an excellent way to earn some extra cash from home. There’s nothing to be shy about—there are only fantasies to fulfill and money to make.

Are you ready to start making money off your used lingerie in the UK? Contact us today and find out how to join our platform. 

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