What are the Best Material Buyers Love When Buying Used Panties in the U.K.?

Buying Used Panties

When you think about panties, you probably don’t think beyond their main purpose of keeping your trousers as fresh as possible.

But others have thought outside the box, opting to sell their used knickers instead of washing and reusing them. In fact, some women have made £90 selling a lightly-used pair!

Are you now thinking, “I want people to buy my used panties”? Then you should know that there’s a huge market out there for buying used panties!

For those wanting to sell your used panties, you’ll want to know the best material people love when they buy used panties. That way, you can get a few extra quid out of it! Here are some of the top materials you should consider when selling your knickers.


Chances are, you already have this type of panties in your closet. Cotton is a material that’s highly breathable, which means a myriad of benefits for your vagina.

For example, it prevents yeast infections, stops odours, and decreases the chance of itchiness due to its softness and hypoallergenic nature.

All of these things make cotton a fantastic material to wear, so if you don’t already wear it, you should start doing so! It’ll decrease the chances of you selling used panties that aren’t very pleasant. Instead, they’ll hold smells and stains that will satisfy those who buy worn panties.

Not only do cotton used panties have a lot of hygienic benefits for you, but they’re also very affordable. You can go through several pairs of cotton panties and come out with a huge profit in the end if you sell these.

Cotton is great at holding stains, so if your buyer demographic is into that, then this is a material you should choose.

Because it’s a highly breathable material, it can be hard to get cotton to hold scents. However, this can be good if buyers want only lightly-used panties. Otherwise, you might have to wear a pair for several days for the knickers to hold your scent properly.

Cotton can also be a good choice for people who have a “girl next door” fantasy. Cotton panties tend to be plainer and simpler in design.


Polyester is also known as satin. This is a material that can be a step up from the more casual cotton, as it has a slicker look. They can have anything from simple to more feminine designs, but the satin look always elevates it, no matter what style panties you choose.

In general, polyester isn’t great material to wear all the time. But for selling used underwear, it’s fantastic!

Many times, when people buy used panties online, they want visible and aromatic evidence that the knickers have actually been worn. This adds to the fantasy, after all.

In this case, polyester is a material you should consider. This is because it’s not as breathable as cotton, which means it’ll retain not only moisture, but also scents.

You might not know this, but there is definitely a market for soaked used panties. If this interests you as a seller, then go with polyester, as it’ll ensure that the wetness stays while in transit to the buyer.

Polyester is also excellent if the buyer doesn’t want the used panties to be stained. The nature of polyester means that while smells and moisture stick to the panties, stains won’t.


Silk is a luxurious material, which means it can cost a little more than the other two materials mentioned on this list. However, it can also mean that buyers are willing to pay more too, so the extra cost just might be negated.

Some people buy panties not just for the sights and fragrances, but also for the touch. Silk has an amazing feel to it, soft and smooth. A lot of silk panties also have amazingly feminine and intricate designs, which give them both a luxurious appearance and touch.

In normal use, silk material can be difficult, as it is very susceptible to stains. But when it comes to used panties, you can definitely use this to your advantage!

If you wear your pairs of silk panties for long enough, they can retain your scent very well. Not only that, but they can also capture your moistness, which can be thrilling for your buyers to see once they unpack your knickers!

So if you want to appeal to buyers who want soft panties and locked-in fragrance, then you should definitely think about selling used silk panties. While they’ll certainly cost more than cotton knickers from Primark do, we’re certain they’ll fetch prices from those who buy panties!

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