What Do You Think about When You Smell Used Panties?

Smell Used Panties

When you think about sniffing smell used panties, some people might think it’s gross. But, there is a large section of men who would get excited even with the thought of sniffing used panties. Yes, there is a large marketplace for people looking to buy and sell used panties.

This might intrigue you because you can create a good passive income by selling your used panties instead of dumping them. But, a question will also arise in your head about what people find fascinating while sniffing used panties?

You might be surprised to know what lies under the smell of used underwear of women that get men so excited. So, if you are interested to know how you can create a passive income by selling your used underwear and why there is such a demand for used panties, then, in this article, you will get all your answers. So, let’s begin.

The Signals of Pheromones

Pheromones are a chemical that brings animals closer for mating and reproduction. Look, humans don’t have any gland that produces this chemical. But our bodily secretion has pheromones. Things such as oily skin, sweat, and also, vaginal fluids will have pheromones.

Men subconsciously get attracted to women during ovulation and find such women the sexiest since during ovulation women secrete a large number of pheromones according to a study. Men find used panties exciting because they get in touch with pheromones while using them.

The Manipulation of Pheromones

Do you know that pheromones are so powerful that they can control the actions of a man? Yes, the vaginal juices contain a large number of pheromones and women of the ancient to middle ages used to attract men by using their vaginal secretion as perfumes by applying a small amount of it on their neck, chest, and behind their ears.

Modern-day perfumes also contain a very small number of pheromones to increase sexual attractiveness in men and women. However, the effect of that is nothing in comparison to what the naturally produced pheromones can do to the mind of men. The smell of pheromones can incredibly weaken a man who is resisting having sex with a woman.

What is With Sniffing Panties?

Both men and women secrete pheromones. But, the pheromones that come from the vaginal fluid are stronger than anything else because they contain copulins. They can make a man fall for any woman. If you ever thought about love potion, then copulins are the one for you.

Fertile women have a large amount of copulins and this chemical is so powerful that it can raise the testosterone levels in men significantly and also play with their mind in a way that they start acting strangely, the way they never thought they could act.

smell used panties online

Why Men Are So Interested in Buying Used Underwear of Women?

Some men tend to get this urge to smell the underwear of women at a very young age. At that stage, they don’t know what right or wrong is. You will find examples of men stealing the underwear of their relatives and friends. And, when they get caught, the relationships get ruined.

Nobody likes to be seen as a pervert or creep by their loved ones. But, this happens with men who get caught stealing used panties. Many men even got caught while masturbating with someone’s panty and you can guess what happened to them after that. Social shame is very hard to handle.

Buying Smell Used Panties are a Safe Option

Because of the risk and guilt involved in stealing panties, men have now turned towards buying them. If you have the urge to smell used panties, it will be hard for you to control and you will want to have the underwear in your hands while you masturbate.

So, when men buy used panties, they don’t have the fear of getting caught while stealing. Thus, buying such underwear gives them the mental freedom they want while using them. Also, the excitement levels multiply because now they don’t have to think about anything else other than women while smelling the used panty and masturbating.

Can You Sell Used Panties to Earn a Passive Income?

Now, as you already know that there is a huge demand for used panties, you will be thinking about selling some of the used underwear that you have kept for washing, right? A large section of men is regularly looking to find and smell used panties for sale.

So, if you can put your lot up for sale, then it will be welcomed by so many men. And, yes, you can sell your used underwear easily online. You can use Kinkie to list your used underwear and men will be leaping to get them and you will be earning a generous amount of cash from something that you would have dumped otherwise.

What If You Are Looking to Buy Used Underwear?

If you intend to buy used underwear of women, then you should also come to Kinkie frequently because regularly newer women will list their used panties on the website. So, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a freshly used panty that can make you go wild.

The Bottom Line

Finally, smelling used underwear is a very common kink in men. But, you can’t call it a kink because it is natural for men to act like that and kink is kind of a deviant sexual act. But, there is nothing deviant in smelling used panties. Human beings are also animals underneath and this sexual urge of sniffing panties is living proof of our carnal fascinations.

Also, when women sell smell used panties, it somewhat empowers them because many women are concerned about their smelly vaginas. So, when they find men lusting for that very smell that makes them ashamed, it will make women more confident about accepting their sexuality as it is. So, selling and buying used panties is a win-win for both men and women.

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