What is the cross-dressing fetish?

cross dressing fetish

More and more buyers on Kinkie are requesting crossdressers’ used panties and other sensual lingerie items. That’s good news, because we want our community to be as diverse as possible, and to welcome everyone regardless of their sexuality. 

If you’ve always been intrigued by crossdressing, but never had the chance to learn more about it, this is the guide for you! We’ll explore the difference between crossdressing and other terms in the fetish or LGBT language, as well as explain the different types of cross dressing lingerie available.

Crossdressing vs. Sissification

Crossdressing is not the same as sissification. The former is something the male person does of his own free will, even on his own when he’s at home alone. The latter, instead, implies that a Master or Mistress is forcing the “sissy” to give up his masculinity in a BDSM context. 

Sissification also implies a certain level of submission to the Dominant who is performing the feminization process. Sometimes, the fantasy involves the sissy begging the Dominant to stop applying makeup to them, calling them a girl, and so on.

Most sissification fantasies include derogatory language used just for fun, where a consenting sissy gets called a “slut” or similar names. Like for all BDSM-related kinks, consent is essential to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience. 

Crossdresser vs. Transgender

There is a fine line, which is definitely blurry, between being a crossdresser and a transgender person. Even if the concept of gender identity is different for everyone, we’d try to define these terms as accurately as possible. 

Most crossdressers like to turn into a female for a couple hours or even days a week, but they still consider themselves males. They like being feminine, but they’re also comfortable when they wear male clothes and act like a man in their everyday life. Many only go out dressed as a female in safe spaces like parties and get-togethers with other crossdressers. Some people also go to the crossdresser party dressed like a man, and change their clothes to look feminine only when they reach the “safe” location.

Most transgender people, instead, experience what experts call “gender dysphoria”, i.e., they feel uncomfortable with the sex they were assigned at birth. Most female-to-male transgender people feel women even when they have to dress like their assigned gender. Many of them experience a distressing feeling of being “trapped in the wrong body”.

A crossdresser’s experience of femininity mostly revolves around clothes, makeup, high heels, i.e., everything that contributes to create a feminine appearance. For most transgender people, their female identity goes on a deeper level.

Who is a Drag Queen?

Drag Queen

A drag queen is a male performer who dresses as a female, often in an exaggerated way, to entertain their audience in night clubs. The term derives from “drag”, which indicates a male actor who acts as a female, and “queen”, which in the LGBTQ language indicates a gay man with feminine traits and qualities. Most of the time, drag queens sing, dance and act during their performances. 

Famous drag queens like RuPaul, Bianca Del Rio, Trixie Mattel and Courtney Act are regarded as celebrities. In 2009, the reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race became extremely popular, and brought this often overlooked art form in the world of mainstream media. The TV show has only gained new fans throughout the years, and in 2019 it arrived in Britain, on BBC Three. 

While crossdressers often try their best to pass as a woman in public, most drag queens aren’t interested in that. RuPaul himself said that he doesn’t dress like a girl, but as a drag queen. This means that the attire of a drag queen is much exaggerated in comparison with the one of a woman, and even clownish sometimes. 

Not all drag queens are transgender, and they can have a wide range of sexualities, from gay to straight and anything in between. Most of them get a small income from their drag performances, and sometimes they can’t even cover their makeup and clothing expenses. 

Other times, they acquire a trusted fan base and they manage to make an actual living from their performances. Some queens also sell merchandise or music albums to generate extra income. There are also “amateur” drag queens who only perform as a hobby, in small circles or maybe LGBT associations. 

5 fun facts about crossdressing lingerie that you should know

It’s no wonders that crossdressers love sexy lingerie, but which one they prefer? Which tricks do they use to achieve that incredible feminine look? Here’s everything you should know about lingerie for crossdressing:

1. Crossdressers use sophisticated “tucking” systems to hide their genitalia

For both experts and beginner crossdressers, what’s worse than having the natural bulge of male genitals ruin a perfectly feminine outfit? Luckily, there are specific garments, called “gaffs” that help to conceal the appearance of male genitals, making everything look flat down there.

Some gaffs are meant for everyday use, even for longer periods of time. Others have a stronger contenitive panel, so the wearer can only wear them comfortably for some hours. Needless to say, gaffs are among the favourite lingerie items of fetishists who collect used crossdressing lingerie.

Other popular techniques to hide male genitals involve using a tight pantyhose or panty girdle, and to arrange the penis and testicles inside the garment in complex way to achieve a flat look. 

2. They use breast forms and breastplates to achieve a feminine look

The sophisticated and ultra-realistic silicone material used for dildos is also used to make lightweight, bouncy breast forms, that look just like the real thing after a crossdresser has expertly put them on.

Breast forms come in many shapes, from oval to triangular, and of course many sizes for a perfect fit. Typically, crossdressers who only dress indoors tend to get larger, showstopping breast forms, while the ones who want to actually pass as a real woman out of the house tend to choose smaller ones that look more realistic. 

Crossdressers who want extra convenience use specific pocket bras, which can hold the breast forms, or strap-on forms. 

Those who want to achieve the most realistic possible look, instead, choose breastplates, i.e., bigger pieces of silicone that feature not only the boobs, but a full female torso. Breastplates can be worn braless with an adhesive and covered with makeup, to blend with the wearer’s natural skin tone.

3. There are many solutions to enhance the hips and buttocks of a crossdresser, hiding the male body shape

Lastly, how would a crossdresser not want to enhance their hips and buttocks while wearing bodycon clothes? Luckily, there are many shapewear items intended specifically to meet this need of the crossdressing community. 

The cheapest solution are certainly padded panties, which feature lightweight foam pads on the hips and rear. They look fairly realistic, but they obviously feel quite fake to the touch. If a crossdresser wants realistic touch, they should use silicone pads for hips and buttocks, which can be self-adhesive or worn through special pocketed panties. 

Lastly, the most expensive solution are silicone prosthetics, that recreate the whole lower part of a woman’s body. These garments are worn just like you would do with a girdle, and often feature realistic or even penetrable female genitals. Some also feature particular systems to make trips to the bathroom easier. 

Some of these girdles feature full-length female legs, so they can be worn as you would do with a pair of leggings. 

4. Foot fetishists will be happy to learn that there is a wide choice of crossdresser shoes out there

If you thought that crossdressers had to give up on wearing sexy, fashionable heels because of their larger size, you’re definitely wrong! Many renowned fetish shoe brands make shoes in bigger sizes to fit crossdressers. 

However, crossdressers who want to pass as a woman prefer subtler styles, like ballet shoes or wedge heels. Luckily, there are many sellers online who make these popular shoe styles in men’s sizes. There are also wide-fitting models for extra comfort. 

This way, shoe fetishists who want used items from crossdressers can have access to a wide choice of items.

5. Crossdressers love corsets — and who can blame them?

Corsets are among the sexiest pieces of lingerie out there, and therefore it’s no surprise that crossdressers who want to look as feminine as possible love them. 

Plus, the steel bones help to shape a male body and make the waist look thinner, to enhance the appearance of hips. This helps to achieve a more feminine figure, along with breast forms.

Fetish crossdressers wear their corsets alone, showing off the sexy back lacing, bright colours and lace decorations. The ones who want to pass as a natural female, instead, tend to conceal their corset under clothes, and choose more neutral colours like white or nude. 

Other than fashion corsets, there are also waist-training corsets that help to permanently shape the waist with constant use. 

Here’s all you need to know about crossdressing and the related fetish. Ready to embrace new sexual fantasies?

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