Why Do Men Buy Used Panties and Adult Accessories From Women on the Kinkie Marketplace?

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If you think the adult accessories industry is small, think again.

In 2017, the global adult toys market reached a whopping $23.7 billion in net worth. That number is only expected to rise, too, with projections aimed at $35.5 billion by 2023.

There are so many reasons for this current and prospective surge in popularity. So, if you’re considering being a contributor to this industry—in the form of buying used panties—you’re not alone.

Here, we explain why men buy used panties online. From therapeutic reasons to kinky ones, everyone buys for different reasons. Keep reading for some valuable and interesting insight.

There’s an Undeniable Primal Aspect to It

At the end of the day, when you buy used panties online, you’re doing so for a very particular reason: the smell. Otherwise, why wouldn’t you just buy never-been-worn women’s panties instead?

Yeah—we get it.

Our noses have a persistent connection with our urges and our feelings. When it comes to what we find attractive, smell plays a significant role. Attractiveness is what scientists call ‘multimodal,’ meaning that it boils down to several factors, not just one—including but not limited to voice, appearance, and smell. 

Certain odors are not only more pleasant to certain individuals, but sexier, too. So, you may find that one pair of used panties turns you on, but another pair from a different woman blows your mind. That’s because you’re reacting to different smells in various ways.

It’s safe to say: the nose knows!

Buy Used Panties

Those With Social Anxiety Can Still Get That Much-Needed Sexual Release

Do you buy adult sex toys and adult accessories online as a way to avoid going out in public? Do you experience social anxiety when dating, hitting up the bar, or meeting someone new?

If so, once again, you’re not alone! Plus, these aren’t reasons to not pursue your sexual health. Instead, you can still scratch your itch from the comfort of home by buying used panties—anything from thongs to panties to full-blown lingerie sets.

Having pent-up sexual energy isn’t always negative, but sometimes it can manifest itself in an adverse way. When we go long periods of time without sexual energy, it can feel shameful or embarrassing, contributing to insecurities. Buying underwear from sexual individuals online can allow you to get the sexual release that your body craves.

Someone With Attachment or Abandonment Issues Can Still Receive Pleasure

There’s an all-encompassing mental health scope when it comes to sexual health, too. Some people have either attachment or abandonment issues that result from past relationships or even past traumas. Because of that, it can sometimes be challenging to connect with a human being.

Again, this is no reason to forgo sexual pleasure. For individuals experiencing problems like these, they may want to practice from home before taking their experiences out into the real world. By masturbating at home with used panties, a man can start to relearn what he likes and doesn’t like, how to give and receive pleasure, and how to be a sexual human being without feeling shame or embarrassment. 

Never Had Experience in a Relationship? No Problem

We briefly touched on this above. For someone who’s been in a relationship, but has had a lull in dating, they might be able to practice being sexual again at home. The same goes for someone who’s never been in a romantic or sexual relationship.

Dating can be intimidating! No matter your age, preferences, orientation, socioeconomic background, everyone feels a little jittery about dating at some point in their lives—it’s all part of the human experience. Some people gain experience by watching TV or movies, talking to friends, watching porn, or reading about sex.

Others prefer to learn through experience, i.e., buying used panties or sex toys online and seeing what they can learn about themselves. You might not even like the way used panties smell, but you’ll never know until you try it. In this way, buying underwear online is an excellent way to navigate your own sexuality before you bring it into bed with someone you’re interested in.

It’s an Easy Way to Fantasise

When you receive your first pair of used panties, there are several things to imagine:

  • Who wore these before they came to me?
  • What did she do while wearing these? Did she masturbate, or simply go grocery shopping? 
  • Is she naughty or nice? Innocent or experienced? 
  • What did she look like? What was she thinking when she put these used panties in an envelope?

These are all fascinating questions to ponder when you receive your first pair. Men find a lot of pleasure in fantasising about where these panties came from and who wore them. It doesn’t matter if your fantasies are real or farfetched—it’s all the fun of imagining.

Used Panties

Simply put: There’s a Naughty Novelty When You Buy Used Panties Online

Do you vibe with any of the reasons on this list? Do you want to buy used underwear for the smell, the fantasy, the anonymity, or the primal aspect of it? 

If so, you can tell by this article that you’re not alone. Every day, somebody somewhere will get online to buy used panties or buy adult accessories. There are several reasons why this industry is a booming one—and as you can see from this insight, the reasons are across the board.

Do you want to buy panties on Kinkie?

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