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Hello gorgeous 😘!

My name is Amber and I'm here to share my love with you 😍😋

I'm 18, a brunette, 5'4", 90lbs, a dress size 6 (petite haha) and a cute 30b size rack 😍

I sell all styles of underwear, bras, pyjamas, gym wear, daily clothes full of my scent, socks, shoes/trainers, nappies/pacifiers, bottles and pots of my bodily fluids, period accessories, candy that I've played with and sexy photo sets as well as sexting and possible webcamming. The list is really only limited by your imagination, I take requests also. So what is it that you're looking for? It's only a message away so what are you waiting for? I cant wait to satisfy your deepest desires...the naughtier the better! Nothing turns me on more than sharing my sexy body with you! It's so flattering that so many men and ladies love the taste and scent of my pussy 👅 I love tasting sweet 💦😍😋.. thank you so much to all my lovely customers that also enjoy my pussy! I appreciate you all so much and it means a lot to me to share with you.

I like to wear all underwear for at least 2 days standard for a good amount of scent and have at least one play session (although I easily do at least 2 a day...oops 💦😉) to get them nice and wet for you. My prices may be a little higher than some sellers but you are definitely getting what you pay for! 🚫 No fake stains ✅ All natural pussy and ass! I can only generate 3/4 pairs a week, no fake bs!

My email address is (best method of contact)

All my love, Amber X

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Age: 18

Profession: Student

5 (1 review)
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Jordan, Jun 13, 2019

Excellent seller! Was well worth the money! Best panties I\'ve ever bought! Can\'t wait to buy from you again xx