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I am working part-time as a model and stripper. My mind is a never-ending creative and kinky source of naughtiness and my main kinks are are exhibitionism, D/S relationships, and body worship. I love when other people are smelling my underwear and look at my private pictures or videos.

Stuff I am ready to provide:
* Used clothing (more info below)
* Used sex toys
* Custom pictures and videos
* Online domination

Info about my used clothing:
* Panties are £10 - £15 each. Free delivery in the UK.
* VIP package (£35): 1 pair of panties + everything in the "Naughty Extras" section
* I send all items in a sealed plastic bag and discreet packaging.
* Anything in my listings has been worn for at least 24 hours.
* I always send at least 2 pictures with any order. Feel free to make requests. I have a huge variety of kinky toys which can be included.

Naughty extras:
* Panties I have orgasmed in for +£5 (squirting for +£3)
* A pussy lollipop for +£5
* Panties I have worn during one shift of stripping for +£5
* Panties I have worn while exercising at the gym for +£5
* Naughty, customised message or voice recording for +£5
* Personalised professional modelling photos with kinky toys and play with requested toys for +£7

Instagram: esters_world
Message me for my kik

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Age: 22

Profession: Stripper/Student/Model

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