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I'm a hard worker, but I play even harder!

I can't keep my filthy mind too far away from having my fingers in me, on me and fantasizing about being dominated by a hot sweaty woman, I'm often found frantically fucking myself thinking of being down and dirty with a tall beauty, but I give as good as I get when I'm wearing my dick!

I slave away, working those hospital shifts and dreaming of the time when I get to strip off, have a glass of wine, slip into something sexy and have my wicked way....

I am an honest seller and believe in trusting business relationships which is how I treat loyal customers, it's a mutual respect thing.

Nothing is out of bounds and I'll happily take requests.

Cum smell me, let's see where we go!

N.B.... my darling sexy teacher friend is now longer online but I shall continue to occasionally list items of hers, email me for more info. No contact or custom vids from her now though, thanks for your understanding ?

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Age: 32

Profession: Nurse

Twitter: @sapphicpanties

5 (3 reviews)
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Constantine, Sep 12, 2019

Item I was initially after had already been sold but after offering a alternative I was more than happy. Seller kept me informed and service was above and beyond what I hoped. I couldnt be more pleased and will be buying again

Marcus, Sep 04, 2019

Highly recommended

Brew, Sep 02, 2019

Fantastic seller who went above and beyond to make sure all my requests were met. Highly recommended.