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I’m Jessica. I’m a wife, a mum but above all I’m a filthy, secret slut.

I look so sweet and innocent, you’d never know that my pussy is dripping wet at the thought of the massive cock I’m about to go fuck.

My husband has no idea how many cocks enter my tight little pussy, but I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s a lot, and the bigger the better.

A big dick makes me squirt everywhere, and I love it.

You can buy my knickers full of my cum, my squirt juice or just wet from my pussy that’s been dripping all day. I'll happily masturbate in them for you so they're full of my sweet cum.

I can’t wait to sell them to you; just make sure you let me know how good they smell.

A little about me.
I’m 28, not your typical Student doing this for a little bit of beer money. I love being in charge and knowing you filthy men are getting off on my used knickers.

I’m a petite size 6, 5ft 4, with curves in all the right places. 32D boobs, the perfect handful. Friendly, flirty and open to anything. Try me.

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Age: 32

Profession: Manager

4 (1 review)
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Paul , Jun 25, 2020

Sexy woman! Very Horny