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How do I keep the Buyers Satisfied?

The key to repeat business, like in any business, is good customer service and product satisfaction... How do I make the Used Panty Buyer happy? In the used underwear industry, it is import

How do I Promote my Used Panties?

How do I promote my Used Panties to make sales? What do you need to do to make money is any business? Advertise. Now we don't expect you to go onto your Facebook, and ont
Selling Used Panties

How's Best to Photograph my Used Panties?

Do I need to wear the Used Panties for a Photograph? Would you buy a new dress online without seeing a picture? Would you bid on eBay without seeing the item? Unlikely. So we highly recommen

Is Selling Used Panties Right for Me?

Do you feel a little awkward at the thought of selling used underwear? Perhaps you feel awkward knowing somewhere, out there in the UK, some complete stranger will be snif