Daddy, I got my bikini top dirty

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Hello Daddy. Do you miss me? Thank you for clicking and visiting my page. I picked up this great swimsuit in Australia and it really got a lot of use. I felt like the star of my cruise in Fiji. Rolling around in the sand and having fun. What great vibes. Do you wrap it around your cock as you jerk off thinking about sliding into my ass? I digress. Actually, please Papi, I can't wait to hear from you any longer. Send me a message - how many days scent would you like? ////////// Dirty and Worn Out Bikini Top by Seafolly // I'll send it over as fast as can be. -- Brand: Seafolly Australia Colour: Black (with White trim) Size: 10 (UK) Price: £75 Payments by UK bank transfer or Paypal Orders on serenapadthai@gmail.com or Telegram: @platetectonik NOTE: Top only, no pants.
Price £75
Fetish Cross-Dressing
Payment Method
BACS (Bank Transfer - UK Only)
Postage & Packaging

Postage included - Shipping from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thank you for your patience.

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​​Hi 🔑 I am Serena
Thank you for visiting me. I find and seek Daddies, Patrons and Wild Wolves. My bills need paying whilst I am building an empire. I am easy to connect with and work hard for your pleasure, with pleasure. If you are here and reading this, you are now being Called To Action. Don't delay in sending me a message. I will fulfil you.
💣💣💣OFFER - Daddies
For my dearest, darling Daddies, who I love most with all my heart: I give you this opportunity. You can purchase my gorgeous swimsuits, undergarments, stockings, outfits or accessories. Each item has been personally selected by me from around the world and carries good vibes. When you wrap it around your dick or breathe into it as you sleep, it will open your mind. I wish you every financial success in your business, you gorgeous man. I believe that a woman’s secretions contain ‘secrets’. As mine would arrive from Thailand, vac-pac’d, lightly dampen the crotch with a towel to release the aromas. Inhale deeply and focus on expanding your potential.
👑👑👑 OFFER - Patrons
Patrons. I am eternally grateful to you. Your patronage is my lifeblood. Thank you for taking care of my payments. In exchange, I offer you visual stimulation in the form of videos. Write to me with your desires. Here, is a place to explore the depths of your sexuality unashamedly. If tame seduces you, be prepared to get creative. You might be missing your mum, wife or girlfriend - I can send over a video of me cleaning in the nude, for example. I love to dance so strip tease is on the cards for my Patrons.
🐺🐺🐺 OFFER - Wild Wolves
For my Wild Wolves, my deeper, more soulful men. For you, we can jump on to a zoom call. Get naked and let me read your tarot cards. I know it's unusual, I want to explore your mind and body and soul. I will lead you into new zones and take pleasure in your expansion.
🔮🔮🔮Serena in Review
Ask nicely, and be kind, often I will deliver. No face in videos, I shoot with sunglasses and sunscreen to protect my identity. Video editing can be a ballache so practice patience in receipt. You can see from my review that I take immense pride in my work. In fact, he has repeated the order - this time tripling his tip.
I offer worldwide shipping, vacuum packing and shipping directly from Chiang Mai, Thailand.
I guarantee 100% discretion.
Email: serenapadthai@gmail.com
Telegram: @platetectonik
Experience ---
I was a pole dancer for 6 years for fitness and took up belly dance to improve my floor game.
Boundaries ---
* Not interested in outdoor or public scenes
Bio ---
⚖️ At 20, I graduated with LLB Law 2:1 and went directly into Fine Wine Investments. 🍾I am WSET Level 3. (Info: Level 5 is Master of Wine). At 23, I started my own wine brokerage, focussed on English wines which were new to the market and on the radar to become a hit. When I was 24, I left the UK to take a class and never really came back. Since then I have been travelling full-time and have a home in the mountains of Asia. I live here alone and in isolation, meditating and living a healthy lifestyle. Now, I am self-funding an artist residency, creating canvas art and building my next business. I like talking to you guys, the community here is fun and sexual creation greatly appeals to me. Send me a message.


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