Juicy panties hard worked after 12 hr shift

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It’s been a long hot day running around saving lives, I have sweated so much that my juices have stained my work trousers as well as my panties, oops. In these photos you can see my favourite colour is green hehe, before I cum I like to pull my panties up really tight so they rub against my clit. I’m a curvy 5ft6 blonde with green eyes. Sexy as fuck. £15, sent in discreet packaging, free postage. I’m also taking requests for anything else that takes your fancy. Can’t wait to hear from you xoxo
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Fetish Panty Sniffing
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Voluptuous Medic

Voluptuous Medic

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Hey there,

I am a Paramedic and I work 12 hour shifts. sometimes I work so long I forget to change my panties for 2 or 3 days…

Running around and carrying heavy equipment means I get real sweaty and sometimes I can smell my musky scent through my work trousers.

Due to having a stressful work life, when I come home from a shift I love to touch myself to relax. I keep my panties on so when I cum they will smell extra lush.

I am a newbie to this and I would really like lovely regulars who like the sound of receiving some very hard worked panties. Sometimes I even get covered in someone else’s urine hehe.

For now I am just selling panties whilst I get myself established. I would like to sell my smelly socks that are encased in workmen boots all day, and during the winter I wear tights underneath my work trousers to keep my body extra warm. If this is something you would like then please let me know. I am also open to requests.

I will send my naughty knickers in discreet packaging, using a ziploc bag to maintain freshness and will send 1st class via Royal Mail. No international transactions.

If you love what you receive then please do leave me a review to help me reach customers. There is plenty of this voluptuous woman to go around.

Can’t wait to hear from you darlings 😘

Voluptuous Medic
Voluptuous Medic

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