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We’re curious guys. We’re a bisexual couple (both female) and we were wondering if anyone would consider purchasing a mukbang video? Eating sushi/pizza/anything you’d like to see. It’ll all be filmed naked or in some really sexy lingerie. Just out of curiosity, If you would consider buying the sexy eating mukbang, pop us a little message to say yes or no! If you guys have any suggestions don’t be afraid to pop us a message, we don’t bite!
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Hey guys, Cass & Elle here! Welcome to our Kinkie page. This is a safe place and judge free zone where your needs can be met. We value our customers and have lots of previous experience as cam girls and selling content on various websites.

A little bit about ourselves:
~capricorn & libra
~pierced and tattooed
~voluptuous and thick (fat asses and massive tits!)
~both switches

for each positive review left on our page, you’ll get a secret present personalised just for you. Take advantage of the special offer whilst you can!

although we’re here to make money and enjoy our time as sellers, we appreciate every single one of our clients and we make sure we add love to every single one of our videos, pictures or items that we sell. we enjoy our side hustle and you’ll be able to see that once you’ve received your services from us!

you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and IF you don’t, you let us know and I’m sure we can do something to help if your needs haven’t been met!

so come and get to know us, we’re friendly, supportive, completely understanding of any kink/fetish you may have, and we LOVE to get down and dirty.

although we’re kind and friendly, we don’t take shit from anybody.. and we mean ANYBODY. we do not tolerate abusers, time wasters, scammers and all of the sorts. you will be immediately blocked or denied of any future services, even if you ‘promise’ to pay.

apart from that, welcome! Relax, enjoy your browsing and don’t be scared to message us if you can’t find any services on Kinkie that haven’t yet met your needs - I’m sure we can help you out no matter the fuss ;)

Cass & Elle ❤️


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