Black Widow Gunpoint JOI




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Black Widow Gunpoint JOI
You've been caught by the avengers, but you refuse to talk - you know how soft they are, their moral code wont allow them to hurt you in order to get the information they need, so they send in Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow to get it out of you. At first you're confused by her methods; making you masturbate at gunpoint whilst she touches herself with her tits out doesnt seem like it's going to make you talk, but then as you get close to orgasm and she tells you if you dont spill the beans before you jizz everywhere shes going to shoot you in the head (after shooting you in the cock) you realise just how weak you are... 8 minutes 41 seconds
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  • This seller has 11 items listed for sale. LadyFire has been selling on Kinkie for 3 years since Mar 03, 2017.
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I'm very kinky and masturbate a lot, love toys and dressing up sexy.

I'm a cute size uk 12-14, 4ft 11 goth/punk/hippie girl.

Don't be afraid to message me if you are looking for something specific; I may just have it.
My butt is big and round, many of my older videos (around 200 are available on my manyvids) have my larger 36GG boobs in, but I have since had a reduction and now have a lovely manageable 36D pair :)



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